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Siding Repair in Kennesaw, GA

Siding Repair in Kennesaw, GA

Soffit Repair in Ellenwood, GA

Mr. O is a retired Army Veteran and his beautiful home is only 5 years old. A few weeks ago we experienced some heavy wind storms that came through Henry County, the storm ripped off all of the soffit from his front garage. He contacted his insurance company and they told him that the claim would be too small so that he was on his own as far as expenses go. He contacted roofing companies and siding companies, the companies that he had spoken to told him the that the job was too small and that they could not do it. Mr. O was very pleased when he found PGRS who offered the solution he needed.

Siding Replacement in Stockbridge, GA

Increase your home's WOW factor with all new vinyl siding. When it comes to siding, vinyl is about as low maintenance as it gets plus you'll have multiple color and texture options to give you the versatility to change and improve the look of your home. Call us today at 1-855-557-5113 to discuss your options because YOU DESERVE IT!! 

Siding Replacement in Stockbridge Ga

Mr. A the homeowner was remodeling his older home that had dirty vinyl siding. Mr. A decided to go with Hardie Siding to make him home look brand new again. 

DIY Siding Project Gone Wrong! Who Do You Call? PGRS!

Mr. Curtis in Douglasville, GA started working on an addition on his back porch and wanted to close it in. He purchased some siding panels so he could do the work himself. Mr. Curtis came across some issues when trying to DIY the siding, and realized he needed to call some professionals. He was looking for a local company with a great reputation, Bryan, his project manager helped Mr. Curtis find siding to match the rest of the home, instead of the mixed matched colors he purchased. Bryan was also able to point out some issues that needed to be addressed to bring the project up to code and pass inspection from the county, and after their meeting Mr. Curtis felt comfortable moving forward with PGRS completing the project!

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