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Siding repair in Decatur, GA

Mrs. E was one of the many calls we received after a large storm went through GA.
The wind had blown vinyl siding off of her garage and front gable. Some of the sidings had twisted and cracked. The PGRS crew brought siding to match, re-installed, and tightened up other areas that were loose on the home. Mrs. E appreciated the quick response from the team at PGRS.

Siding Repair in Kennesaw, GA

Siding Repair in Kennesaw, GA

Siding replacement on two dormers in Atlanta, GA

Mr. W called because he and his wife had bought a house last year and paint had started coming off the two upstairs dormers. One of our project consultants did an inspection and found that it wasn't just paint coming off, but that the trim had also rotted in multiple areas. After reviewing their options, Mr. and Mrs. W decided to replace the siding and trim with Hardie siding. Now the dormers are weatherproof and with the fresh paint and the house looks new again.

Soffit Repair in Ellenwood, GA

Mr. O is a retired Army Veteran and his beautiful home is only 5 years old. A few weeks ago we experienced some heavy wind storms that came through Henry County, the storm ripped off all of the soffit from his front garage. He contacted his insurance company and they told him that the claim would be too small so that he was on his own as far as expenses go. He contacted roofing companies and siding companies, the companies that he had spoken to told him the that the job was too small and that they could not do it. Mr. O was very pleased when he found PGRS who offered the solution he needed.

Hardie siding replacement and new gutters in Ellenwood, GA

Mrs. Z and her husband were doing some work outside at their home when they noticed some siding concerns. They called PGRS to come out and see what it would take to fix the problems. Davin met with them and provided an inspection on their siding. After looking at everything, he gave them a quote on the repairs before he left the appointment. Mr. and Mrs. Z decided that they wanted to do the repairs and add gutters and gutter protection as well. Now they have new Hardie Siding on their dormers, new gutters, and leaf free gutter protection. The home will now be worry free for them and they can relax and enjoy retirement.

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