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The right material, the right benefits. All of our siding materials are designed with a specific purpose in mind. We can help you choose the best option for maintenance, durability, cost and appearance.

New siding installation is a great way to improve the beauty and durability of your home’s exterior. PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding installs siding products from leading manufacturers, offered in a wide variety of materials and colors to match the architectural style of your home. No matter what type of siding you choose, the products we offer will provide durability, excellent value, and a beautiful home exterior. 

In addition to siding, we can help you select shingles and accent and trim colors to create a unique, unified look.

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Before and After
  • Soffit Repair in Ellenwood, GA
    Soffit Repair in Ellenwood, GA

    Mr. O is a retired Army Veteran and his beautiful home is only 5 years old. A few weeks ago we experienced some heavy wind storms that came through Henry County, the storm ripped off all of the soffit from his front garage. He contacted his insurance company and they told him that the claim would be too small so that he was on his own as far as expenses go. He contacted roofing companies and siding companies, the companies that he had spoken to told him the that the job was too small and that they could not do it. Mr. O was very pleased when he found PGRS who offered the solution he needed.

  • Siding Replacement in Stockbridge, GA
    Siding Replacement in Stockbridge, GA

    Increase your home's WOW factor with all new vinyl siding. When it comes to siding, vinyl is about as low maintenance as it gets plus you'll have multiple color and texture options to give you the versatility to change and improve the look of your home. Call us today at 1-855-557-5113 to discuss your options because YOU DESERVE IT!! 

  • Vinyl Siding Replacement in Lithia Spring, Georgia
    Vinyl Siding Replacement in Lithia Spring, Georgia

    Mr. W owns a rental property in Lithia Springs, Georgia and he decided it was time to replace the siding on it! He called PGRS and we sent out our Project Manager, Steve, to provide him with an estimate! Steve completed a thorough inspection and discovered Mr. W desperately needed a new gutter system and his current ones were failing! Considering this is a rental property he decided to go with a new gutter system and Clog Free LeaFree Gutter Guards so he no longer has to send someone out to the rental property to clean them out multiple times a year! He is so pleased with the outcome! Call Us Today for your free estimate!

  • Maintenance Free Exterior Updates for Couple in Jonesboro, GA
    Maintenance Free Exterior Updates for Couple in Jonesboro, GA

    Mr. & Mrs. A have lived in their home for 33 years and knew it was time to complete some upgrades! Getting their home to a “maintenance-free” status was an important goal for them with this project. After going over all of their options with their Project Manager, Jason, they decided to move forward with installing beautiful Odyssey Plus Vinyl Siding with Alliance Vinyl Soffits, a LeaFee Gutter System and Mezzo Replacement Windows. All in all, creating an amazing home exterior that is almost entirely maintenance free.

  • Siding Repair in Riverdale, GA
    Siding Repair in Riverdale, GA

    Ms. H has been experiencing a leak from failing siding on the back side of her home. She liked the solution we provided of replacing the lower half of the siding and installing wall sheathing where we replace the siding and decided to move forward with the work! 

  • Siding Repair in Hampton, GA
    Siding Repair in Hampton, GA

    Miss S is a homeowner in Hampton, GA and had an accident with her grill that melted the siding in an area on the side of her home. This was an easy fix and we were able to match the vinyl siding and replace all of the damaged sidings, once everything was done you couldn’t even tell there had ever been an issue.

  • Commercial Siding Replacement in Union City, GA
    Commercial Siding Replacement in Union City, GA

    The Green Manor Restaurant in Union City was in need of some attention due to some rotted siding. Professional Grade Roofing Solutions was able to provide the owners with a free inspection and same day estimate to repair the rotted siding.

    We replaced the old rotted wood siding with new Hardi Plank Cement Fiber siding. Since this product is designed to withstand rot, the owners can go back to focusing on running their business and not dealing with siding issues on their building.

  • Siding Repair in Union City, GA
    Siding Repair in Union City, GA

    Owning and operating a restaurant is hard work.  When a restaurant owner has a leak and water comes inside their restaurant it can wreak havoc on their business. They called PGRS and we came to the rescue. After a thorough inspection, it was determined the leak was coming through the siding due to it not being installed correctly. After new Hardie Plank siding, the restaurant no longer has a leak and has a fresh look. The owners are relieved and happy to be focusing on their thriving business instead of their siding!

  • Partial Siding Replacement in Fayetteville, GA
    Partial Siding Replacement in Fayetteville, GA

    Only James Hardie siding and trim are specifically engineered to withstand the climate where the products are used. Whether you have a full siding replacement job or only wish to replace some of the siding let PGRS complete the exterior of your home. Thanks to the diversity and durability of James Hardie siding and trim, you can make your home uniquely your own.

  • Vinyl Siding Replacement in Fayetteville, GA
    Vinyl Siding Replacement in Fayetteville, GA

    Mr. M was in the market to have vinyl siding installed on a rental property that he owned. Ultimately, he was trying to get the house ready to be sold. He met with a few different companies and initially was going to use a contractor that gave him a price that was too good to be true. It turns out that the price really WAS too good to be true and the contractor was not able to perform the work at the original price that they quoted. Also, he had a very difficult time even getting the contractor on the phone or to come out to start the work initially, all not great signs. After getting very frustrated with the home remodeling process Mr. M decided to call Steve, his Project Consultant with PGRS, back so that he could get the job done correctly on time and for the price that we quoted. Mr. M now has a beautiful home that is ready to be sold in should get top dollar for the location that the house is in.

High-quality siding options that combine beauty & durability 

At PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding, we offer multiple siding materials including traditional and maintenance-free solutions that will increase the beauty and value of your home. We use the best siding products from leading manufacturers. Take a look below at the major benefits of the different siding materials that we offer. Our siding specialists can help you choose the best option for your home.

Vinyl Siding

  • Delivers durability & resistance to extreme weather
  • Gives the look of wood siding without the cost or maintenance
  • Won't split, peel or rot
  • Resistant to fading
  • Never needs to be painted, stained or scraped
  • Wide range of colors & textures to choose from

Fiber Cement Siding

  • Available in a wide range of colors & styles
  • Designed to resemble conventional siding materials like cedar shingles, wood & stucco
  • Resistant against fire, wind, termites & rot
  • Durability of material reduces maintenance costs
  • Can be primed & painted

Cedar Siding

  • Provides a beautiful, unique, timeless look
  • Naturally water resistant
  • Provides resistance against decay & insects
  • Siding can be treated with stains & finishes
  • Cedar is an environmentally-friendly material

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