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Before and After Pictures from McDonough
McDonough Homeowner Installs Lifetime Warranty Owens Corning Duration Roof System

McDonough Homeowner Installs Lifetime Warranty Owens Corning Duration Roof System

Before After
McDonough Homeowner Installs Lifetime Warranty Owens Corning Duration Roof System McDonough Homeowner Installs Lifetime Warranty Owens Corning Duration Roof System

Mr. Anthony is a McDonough resident who had an Atlas Chalet Shingle on his home that was failing and causing multiple leaks. Did you know that Atlas Chalet Shingles have actually been discontinued? Thousands of home across the southern United States and elsewhere were roofed with Atlas Chalet Shingles, but after one or two years homeowners have noticed significant granule loss (which fades the color and distorts the look of your roof), lifting or the loss of shingles during winds that were not terribly strong, and moisture intrusion damaging the framing or home interior. Atlas Roofing never issued a recall, but it discontinued its defective shingles in 2010. We sent out Project Manager out to perform the detailed inspection, after he was through he explained to Mr. Anthony the issues with Atlas Chalet Shingles and after they talked it over they came to an agreement to have PGRS install an Owens Corning Duration Roof System on his home that will provide him decades of worry-free service with his Lifetime Warranty.

Roof Replacement in McDonough, GA

Roof Replacement in McDonough, GA

Before After
Roof Replacement in McDonough, GA Roof Replacement in McDonough, GA

Mr. M hasn't lived in his McDonough home long but buying the home he knew the roof eventually needed to be replaced. He called a couple companies, received quotes and made his final decision being, PGRS! He liked how his Project Consultant provided him with an estimate at his appointment, actually got ON his roof, and explained the installation process in detail. He now has a new roof to go with his new (to him) home!

Siding and Gutter Replacement in McDonough, GA

Siding and Gutter Replacement in McDonough, GA

Before After
Siding and Gutter Replacement in McDonough, GA Siding and Gutter Replacement in McDonough, GA

Mr. Michael in McDonough GA was ready for an update to the exterior of his home. He has a brick front, but vinyl siding on the back. Considering the back yard is where he spent most of his time with family and friends, he wanted it to look really nice. Our Project Manager provided him with an estimate to replace the siding as well as offer him an estimate to replace his gutters. A new gutter system would prevent water running off directly to the ground and splashing up to damage the bottom of his siding. He agreed to the estimate and was pleased when he realized it was within his budget. For new siding and gutters he expected to have to split the projects up and do them at different times of the year. Mr. Michael is so pleased with the outcome of his new siding and gutters, now he is excited to entertain family and friends again!

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Georgia Certified Renovation Firm License
We are now certified to perform lead-based paint renovations.... [Read more]
3rd place in Keller Williams Atlanta Partners 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off
Roers and Keller Williams 5th Annual Chili Feed was held to benefit United Way of Cass-Clay.... [Read more]
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Roof Repair & Replacement in Mcdonough, GA

If you have a damaged roof in Mcdonough or surrounding areas, PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding is the roof repair contractor you can count on. Our expert technicians will provide thorough roof inspection, repair, and total replacement.  With over 15 years of experience, we provide a wide variety of solutions for any kind of roof with several types of roofing materials. In addition to roof repair, roof replacement, and maintenance, we also install siding, gutters, and more.

PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding was founded in 2001 and is dedicated to providing expert home improvement services to Mcdonough's residents.  We are a Master Shingle Applicator for the leading manufacturer, CertainTeed Contractor. 

Siding Installation to Transform Your Mcdonough Home

As the exterior shell of your home siding is very important for several reasons. Siding can impact how well your home is protected from the elements, how good your home looks and how efficient your home is when it comes to your energy bills. We pride ourselves on offering siding installation that will be just right for your Mcdonough home.

At PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding we offer several different types of siding that are all guaranteed to improve your home's exterior. We offer vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, and cedar siding so we are sure we will be able to help you achieve the look you have always dreamed of. We will also assist you when it comes to choosing the right colors that will best match the architecture and style of your home.

To learn more about siding installation cost for your home call or click today!

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing Contractor in Mcdonough 

Want a healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient home? PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding can help with comprehensive attic insulation and air sealing solutions in Mcdonough. After installing continuous, airtight attic insulation, we can promise lower utility costs, superior home comfort, and optimal energy efficiency.

Our attic insulation services include:

  • Cellulose insulation
  • Attic air sealing
  • Foam board insulation
  • Radiant barrier installation
  • Duct sealing
  • Spray foam duct insulation
Case Studies From McDonough
This McDonough homeowner had a failing gutter system that was causing his home's fascia boards to rot. He additionally noticed some leaking that...
Job Stories From McDonough, GA
Roof repair and maintenance in McDonough, GA

Mr. M was having a leak in his roof and wanted PGRS to come and take a look at it. Davin met with him and provided a full inspection of his roof. The ridge vent he had was an older style and had been beat up by weather and started a leak which went down into the bathroom. Davin showed Mr. M how to fix the issue using the IKO Vinyl Ridge Vent and the Hip and Ridge Shingles to prevent any further leaks. Along with this roof repair, we also did a roof maintenance and some minor gutter repairs. He will no longer have to worry about a leaky roof.

Roof repair and maintenance in McDonough, GA - Photo 1Roof repair and maintenance in McDonough, GA - Photo 2Roof repair and maintenance in McDonough, GA - Photo 3Roof repair and maintenance in McDonough, GA - Photo 4Roof repair and maintenance in McDonough, GA - Photo 5Roof repair and maintenance in McDonough, GA - Photo 6
Gutter screens installed in McDonough, GA

Mrs. W was looking for some new gutter screens for her gutters. She liked the screens because they had lasted her 25 years and they are cost effective due to her and her husband looking to retire soon and travel. Davin came out and measure and prepared a quote right on site for Mrs. W. She liked the fact that we were an established company and could give her good quality work. Now Mrs. W can travel with her husband comfortably without any worry that her gutters will be clogged.

Roof replacement in McDonough, GA

Mrs. S is starting to prepare her home to be put on the market and wanted to know what condition the roof was in. She decided to get a couple of roof contractors out to come take a look and one of them was PGRS. She met with her project Consultant, Jose, who inspected the roof and instantly discovered some storm damage. Jose showed the homeowner pictures of the damage so she could call in the claim. Jose walked her through calling in a claim and what to expect when the adjuster came out and even offered to meet the adjuster to give her an honest inspection. Jose met the inspector when he came out and the roof was approved for a new roof. Mrs. S was so happy and grateful. She decided to go with an IKO marathon three-tab 25-year roof system. She now has a long-lasting roof system to pass on to the new homeowner.

Roof replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 1Roof replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 2Roof replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 3Roof replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 4Roof replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 5Roof replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 6Roof replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 7
Roof repair in McDonough, GA

Mr. C called PGRS because he was experiencing water stains on the kitchen ceiling. He had been up on his roof multiple times trying to caulk the area, but the roof kept leaking. After a roof and attic inspection, his project consultant from PGRS discovered rotted decking around a vent boot. Our crew went out, replaced the decking, installed a new boot and added new shingles and his roof is leak-free once more.

Chimne repair and painting in McDonough, GA

Mr. And Mrs. P have owned their home for a while. Mr. P has been in the process of trying to finish painting a shed they installed in the back, but between his busy schedule, never got the opportunity to finish. He saw a corner of fascia starting to rot and figured he’d better call someone. He also wanted to improve the curb appeal of his home and possibly freshen everything up with a paint job. They called PGRS because they had done some work for their next door neighbor. They met with their project consultant Jose. José met them on time to go over their project. José determined he wanted an overall inspection of the wood on his home and then an estimate to improve the look of his home with new paint. José inspected the project and found some wood rot starting on the outside corners of the chimney and showed them to Mr. And Mrs. P. They had another company come out and they never got on the roof so this was a surprise to them. José quoted the repairs to the chimney and another small section of fascia that Mr. P had noticed. He also quoted a paint job to all the fascia, soffit, and the shed in the back. First we would re-caulk all his windows, due to the existing caulking being dry rotted. Then, we would apply 3 full coats of paint to ensure best results. In the end Mr. and Mrs. P were confident this solution would make their home picture perfect once again.

New gutter installed in McDonough, GA

Mr. B was experiencing an overabundance of water coming off his roof at the rear of his home during our very wet winter. He was very concerned about the water doing damage to his rear door. He called PGRS to provide a solution to manage his rainwater. T.J. met with Mrs. B who was furloughed during the COVID outbreak, to discuss their options. T.J. showed her that the area of concern would need 2 separate sections of gutter as the 2 roof lines were at different heights. She asked for options to do the gutters a couple of different ways so she and her husband could decide how they wanted to proceed. Ultimately, they decided to try just doing 1 section of gutter and downspout to see how much it helps their situation. With the addition of the new gutter on the back of their home, their water problems have been greatly minimized.

Hardie siding replacement in McDonough, GA

Ms. T called PGRS to come look at some siding on her home, she started seeing a spike in her electric bill, along with bats in the attic and she was concerned. She met with Jose her project consultant to look over her concerns. José carefully inspected the siding and the attic carefully to see what her issues were. The siding had pulled loose and allowed big gaps for wildlife to get into, as well as air from the outside. Which is why her electric bill was higher than normal, and she had bats in the attic. After explaining her the issues with the existing siding not being installed correctly, and the corner boards were wood. José explained to her the best solution was to do new Siding installed correctly, with slip flashing, and true Hardi corner boards and end joints caulked properly. That would get her electric bill back down along with the bats out of her house. Ms. T now has beautiful new Hardi siding!

Hardie siding replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 1Hardie siding replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 2Hardie siding replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 3
Siding repair in McDonough, GA

Mr. S was experiencing a leak in his basement along the bottom of the foundation. He called a foundation repair company out and they told him that he had an issue with his siding. He called PGRS to come out and take a look. His Project Consultant, Steve, found a gap at the bottom of the siding where it meets the foundation. He proposed removing the siding along the foundation and installing an aluminum trim piece for flashing and replacing some of the damaged wall sheathings, installing a vapor barrier, and new Hardie Siding with paint to match his existing siding. Now they have a permanent solution to stop water from coming into their basement!

Roof repair in McDonough, GA

Greg met with the Mr. and Mrs. P to look at two leaks they had in their roof, one in a bedroom and one in their breakfast nook. After a full roof and attic inspection Greg found the source of both leaks and offered a solution. Mr. and Mrs. P were please that the price was less than they were expecting it to be and they now have a leak-free roof once again.

Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 1Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 2Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 3Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 4
Roof repair in McDonough, GA

Mr. L noticed he had a couple of windblown shingles on his roof, so he looked up a trusted roof company near him. He met with his project consultant, Jose, from PGRS. Mr. L told Jose his concerns with the windblown shingles and wondered if he needs a repair or a replacement. Jose listened to what Mr. L wanted and then he did a complete attic inspection to determine if there were any unseen leaks. After he got on the roof and performed a roof inspection, Jose came down and showed Mr. L the video. Mr. L clearly saw his roof was close to the end of its life cycle but wasn't ready to replace it at this time and only wanted to repair the damages. Jose presented him with an option that worked for him to replace the damaged windblown shingles and do overall roof maintenance to hold him over till he was ready to replace. Now Mr. L doesn't have to worry about the possibility of a leak.

Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 1Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 2Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 3Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 4Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 5Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 6
Roof repair in McDonough, GA

Mr. S recently purchased a new home. With the recent rains, we were experiencing he noticed some stains on the inside of his ceiling. Sometime after he then developed another leak in an upstairs bedroom that came through the sheetrock and was leaking onto his carpet. He met with Jose, his consultant, to inspect his roof. After getting in the attic Jose determined there were 2 active leaks and 1 leak that seemed to only show up during wind-blown rains. After Jose got on the roof he determined that the issues were caused by an installation error. The bay window on the rear of the home was done incorrectly. Not only were there exposed nails on the entire bay roof, but every other nail was also nailed at an angle and every other shingle was bowing and the shingles weren't long enough to dump the water into the gutter. The other leak was also an installation error where some decking had come loose and created a dam for water to build up and eventually penetrate the home. Jose presented an option to re-do the entire bay roof correctly. To do so, the new starter shingles and architectural shingles would need to extend into the gutter like they're supposed to. Along with that, we would need to add some hips to the roof instead of laying the shingles flat along with it. The new bay roof now is tied into the rest of the roof properly and flows into the gutter like it is supposed to. Mr. S now has a leak-free home.

Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 1Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 2Roof repair in McDonough, GA - Photo 3
Roof Repair in McDonough, GA

Greg went out and met with Mr. S who had two leaks, one in his laundry room and one in the dining room. After a full inspection, Greg found the source of the leak in the laundry room, which was coming from a hole around their upstairs bathtub, but the leak in the dining room was coming from some loose flashing on his roof. Mr. S had to call a plumber for the bathroom leak, but we were happy to help him out with the roof leak. Our team went out and repaired the flashing on the roof that was causing the problem. The leaks have stopped and Mr. S is glad he called PGRS.

Fascia and Gutter replacement in McDonough, GA

Mr. and Mrs. H wanted to make improvements to the exterior of their home since some of their aluminum fascia was dislodged and dented from recent storms. They met with T.J. in early October to look at options to completely replace all the vinyl siding and gutters on their home. After some thought they asked T.J. to give them a few other options for replacing just the metal fascia wrap and gutters. Once they had some time to weigh all their options, they decided to have all the fascia on the home re-wrapped and have their gutter system replaced, saving the vinyl siding for a later date. They now have beautifully wrapped fascia with a gutter system that can appropriately manage all the rain water coming off the roof.

Siding Damage

Mr. E has TruGreen performing weed control on his lawn. During one treatment they hit the side of Mr. E's house with a piece of equipment, and caused some damage to his siding. He called PGRS out and explained the situation to T.J., so that T.J. could provide a quote to TruGreen for the repairs. It took about a week for TruGreen to receive the quote from Mr. E, but once they did, they called T.J. to submit payment to get the damages fixed. Mr. E's siding is like new again on the right side of his home thanks to TruGreen stepping up and taking care of their mistake.

Siding Damage - Photo 1
Siding Replacement in McDonough, GA

Rotted wood siding is a huge pain that this McDonough homeowner was tired of dealing with. After having multiple contractors come out and replace a piece of siding here and there, they were ready for a permanent solution.

Based on a referral from a friend, the homeowner decided to call Professional Grade Roofing Solutions to come out and assess the situation. They wanted to keep the look of the wood siding so vinyl siding was not an option. They decided to replace all of the old wood siding with Hardie Plank Cement Fiber Siding. Since cement won’t rot, they now have the comfort in knowing that their home's siding will last for many years.

Siding Replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 1Siding Replacement in McDonough, GA - Photo 2
Work Requests From McDonough, GA
Vicinity of Pleasant Grove Circle in McDonough
I have a portion of roof on the front of my house that is without gutters.
Vicinity of Golden Meadow Drive in McDonough
Fix leaky roof and ceiling drywall repair.
Vicinity of Rising View Cir in McDonough
There's a leak (water) coming from the roof or maybe the gutter.
Vicinity of Marlin Drive in McDonough
Possible leak need an estimate
Vicinity of Pullin Road in McDonough
Need repair on flat roof on the sunroom of our home..
Vicinity of The Gables Drive in McDonough
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