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Before and After Pictures from Hampton
Siding Replacement in Hampton, Georgia

Siding Replacement in Hampton, Georgia

Before After
Siding Replacement in Hampton, Georgia Siding Replacement in Hampton, Georgia

This homeowner had some concern about the damaged siding on the outside of his home.  PGRS provided a free estimate, and concluded on replacing the siding on a part of his house.  The final product came out great!

Roof Replacement In Hampton, Georgia

Roof Replacement In Hampton, Georgia

Before After
Roof Replacement In Hampton, Georgia Roof Replacement In Hampton, Georgia

Mr. Franklin is a resident of Hampton, Georgia and he made multiple valiant attempts to repair his roof himself with little success. He researched to find a reputable company and contacted PGRS. After our Project Manager, Jason completed his detailed inspection of the roof and providing Mr. Franklin with estimates on the multiple Roof System options he could choose from he decided the best option for him would be the Duration system with the Platinum Protection Warranty. Mr. Franklin and his family will now live worry-free knowing they have a lifetime warranty on their new roof!

Roof Maintenance Completed on Home in Hampton, GA

Roof Maintenance Completed on Home in Hampton, GA

Before After
Roof Maintenance Completed on Home in Hampton, GA Roof Maintenance Completed on Home in Hampton, GA

Mr. G noticed a wet spot on his ceiling after a heavy rain a few weeks back and knew he needed to get it taken care of, so he contacted PGRS. Jason, his Project Manager, quickly diagnosed his problem to be a failed pipe boot and put a great plan together to repair the boot and provide needed maintenance to the rest of his roof system.

Company Awards
Georgia Certified Renovation Firm License
We are now certified to perform lead-based paint renovations.... [Read more]
3rd place in Keller Williams Atlanta Partners 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off
Roers and Keller Williams 5th Annual Chili Feed was held to benefit United Way of Cass-Clay.... [Read more]
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Dependable Siding & Roofing Services in Hampton, GA

One thing that impressed me about PGRS was they had several different financing options for me to choose from. I...
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Roof Repair & Replacement in Hampton, GA

If you have a damaged roof in Hampton or surrounding areas, PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding is the roof repair contractor you can count on. Our expert technicians will provide thorough roof inspection, repair, and total replacement.  With over 15 years of experience, we provide a wide variety of solutions for any kind of roof with several types of roofing materials. In addition to roof repair, roof replacement, and maintenance, we also install siding, gutters, and more.

PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding was founded in 2001 and is dedicated to providing expert home improvement services to Hampton's residents.  We are a Master Shingle Applicator for the leading manufacturer, CertainTeed Contractor. 

Siding Installation to Transform Your Hampton Home

As the exterior shell of your home siding is very important for several reasons. Siding can impact how well your home is protected from the elements, how good your home looks and how efficient your home is when it comes to your energy bills. We pride ourselves on offering siding installation that will be just right for your Hampton home.

At PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding we offer several different types of siding that are all guaranteed to improve your home's exterior. We offer vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, and cedar siding so we are sure we will be able to help you achieve the look you have always dreamed of. We will also assist you when it comes to choosing the right colors that will best match the architecture and style of your home.

To learn more about siding installation cost for your home call or click today!

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing Contractor in Hampton 

Want a healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient home? PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding can help with comprehensive attic insulation and air sealing solutions in Hampton. After installing continuous, airtight attic insulation, we can promise lower utility costs, superior home comfort, and optimal energy efficiency.

Our attic insulation services include:

  • Cellulose insulation
  • Attic air sealing
  • Foam board insulation
  • Radiant barrier installation
  • Duct sealing
  • Spray foam duct insulation
Job Stories From Hampton, GA
Roof replacement in Hampton, GA

Mr. and Mrs. S noticed a leak in their foyer. A friend referred them to PGRS to assess their problem. T.J. met with Mr. S and inspected the home. Mr. S decided to call his insurance to see what they would cover for him after seeing the evidence of storm damage from T.J.'s inspection. T.J. met the adjuster back out there a week later to go over the roof. Within a week Mr. S had received notification that the insurance company was allowing him coverage for repairs. Mr. and Mrs. S decided that they didn't want to keep going through spending money on repairs and deductibles, so they opted to get the whole roof replaced. They now have an IKO Cambridge Architectural Roof in Harvard Slate that they'll never have to worry about again.

New gutters and LeaFree gutter protection in Hampton, GA

Mr. N decided he did not want to clean his gutters out any longer. He was also missing a piece of gutter on the front of the home from a previous storm that he had yet to have replaced. Davin provided Mr. N with a solution to never have to worry about his gutters clogging again and to put a new 6" gutter across the front of his home. Mr. N loves the LeaFree gutter protection system and is excited about his new gutter.

Roof replacement in Hampton, GA

Mrs. H was experiencing a bad roof leak in a couple of areas and called a roofing contractor out to address it. The contractor never provided her with an estimate and didn't inform her what was causing the leak. They instead tried to push her to file an insurance claim which she ended up doing and the claim was denied and her roof was never fixed. The leak kept getting worse and causing more damage to the interior of her home, so she went online and found PGRS. She did her research because she didn't want another experience like before. After reading reviews and looking at our BBB ratings, she decided she would give us a call. When she met with her Project Consultant, Steve, she said she knew right away she found the right company. Steve provided a thorough inspection of her roof and showed her exactly what was happening. During his inspection, Steve realized that the roof was at the end of its life cycle and would need to be replaced very soon. He went over the findings of his inspection with Mrs. H and provided her with the option to repair her roof to stop the leaks and he also provided options to replace the roof since they would need to address it sooner than later. After looking at everything, Mrs. H and her husband both decided that they would rather replace their roof as opposed to just getting it repaired to only have to replace in the next year. They chose a beautiful IKO Marathon Dual Black shingle and have a brand-new leak free roof that will protect their home for years to come!

Siding repair in Hampton, GA

Ms. T recently had some kids put fireworks in her trashcan, and the heat melted some of her siding. She called PGRS to come take a look and met Jose. Jose mentioned to her that without replacing the entire wall the siding would not match, but Ms. T explained that wasn't a big concern. Jose presented a repair quote to replace the damaged pieces and add a missing dryer vent that was allowing water to enter the home. She went ahead and moved forward to get the damages fixed. She now has vinyl siding that functions properly.

Siding repair in Hampton, GA - Photo 1Siding repair in Hampton, GA - Photo 2Siding repair in Hampton, GA - Photo 3
Siding replacement in Hampton, GA

Mrs. S moved into her home years ago, and when she purchased the home she was notified of the Masonite pressboard Siding on the home. They had a recall years ago and the previous homeowner took the money and painted the home instead of replacing the siding. Years later now the old pressboard has gotten brittle in several areas. The main concern was on the front of the home where the siding had completely fallen off below a window. She called PGRS to come take a look and met with Jose her project consultant. José met Mrs. S and asked her what her concerns were. She explained everything to Jose and mentioned the recall and what the previous homeowner did with the money. Jose began his inspection after listening thoroughly to Mrs. S. José determined the old siding was installed incorrectly. Due to this issue, the only solution was to replace the entire wall. José explained to Mrs. S the issues with the job. He suggested replacing the siding on the wall with fiber cement, so she doesn’t have any further issues with any rot. She agreed with the solution and decided PGRS was the company to do the repairs. She now has new fiber cement siding on the garage wall that was painted to match the rest of the home

Siding replacement in Hampton, GA - Photo 1Siding replacement in Hampton, GA - Photo 2Siding replacement in Hampton, GA - Photo 3
Roof and Siding repair in Hampton, GA.

 As a result of being at home so much due to quarantine, Mr. R started paying a lot of attention to his house and noticed that his roof had developed a few leaks. He also noticed that his siding was starting to show some signs of rot on his chimney and on the backside of his house. He called a few contractors out to get estimates for repair. When he met with Steve at PGRS he said that we were the only company that actually did a thorough inspection of the concerns that he was having. Even though our price was higher he felt better having the peace of mind that PGRS would do his project right the first time. Steve showed him how the siding that was starting to rot was touching his shingles which allowed water from the roof to to get under the siding and stay wet for long periods of time with no way to dry out. We properly installed new siding so this wouldn't happen again and fixed all of his roof leaks. Now he has a leak free roof and no more rot on his siding!

Roof and Siding repair in Hampton, GA. - Photo 1Roof and Siding repair in Hampton, GA. - Photo 2Roof and Siding repair in Hampton, GA. - Photo 3Roof and Siding repair in Hampton, GA. - Photo 4Roof and Siding repair in Hampton, GA. - Photo 5Roof and Siding repair in Hampton, GA. - Photo 6Roof and Siding repair in Hampton, GA. - Photo 7Roof and Siding repair in Hampton, GA. - Photo 8
Roof repair/ maintenance in Hampton, GA

Ms. S is a previous customer of PGRS and when she had a leak come up with the recent storms she knew who to call. She met with her project consultant, Jose, to look over her leak. She had a leak in her kitchen that was around a problem area in the past that had been fixed. She also had Jose look over her shutters, she had a missing pair and they were all falling. Jose knew exactly what she wanted and began his inspection. Jose couldn't get in the attic, but saw some things on the roof. Where the siding met the roof line there was a gap that had been filled in with caulking that dry rotted over time, allowing water to enter. Her roof was also about 10 years old, so Jose recommended a roof maintenance to get her a full life out of her existing roof. Jose's solution was to re-flash the corner with a proper kick-out flashing along with an Ice & Water membrane to properly fix where the water was entering and eliminate the gap that previously had caulking. Jose also gave Ms. S a solution for a new pair of shutters and to secure all the existing ones. Now Ms. S has a leak free home, and the front of her home looks complete with the shutters matching.

Roof repair/ maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 1Roof repair/ maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 2Roof repair/ maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 3Roof repair/ maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 4Roof repair/ maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 5Roof repair/ maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 6
Roof repair and maintenance in Hampton, GA

Mr. A said he had called 6 roofing companies and PGRS was the only one who came out. He had a leak around the metal chimney stack. Greg met with Mr. A and did a full roof inspection and showed him the pictures. Mr. A was pleased to see that the roof was in good shape besides the leak and a few other areas that needed caulking. Mr. A decided to have PGRS do roof maintenance on the roof to seal any areas that needed caulking and to repair the leak. Mr. A now has peace of mind knowing that the roof is in good shape.

Roof repair and maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 1Roof repair and maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 2Roof repair and maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 3Roof repair and maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 4Roof repair and maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 5Roof repair and maintenance in Hampton, GA - Photo 6
New gutters and downspouts in Hampton, GA

Mr. C wanted an estimate to install new gutters on his home. When the home was built, they did not add any gutters or downspouts, which was causing standing water around the foundation of the home after every rain and the new landscaping was washing away. Mr. C had two other estimates but said he felt confident with our company because of the attention to detail and the warranty.
The custom bronze color he picked trimmed out his house nicely and now his foundation and landscaping are protected.

New gutters and downspouts in Hampton, GA - Photo 1
Roof Repair in Hampton, GA

Mrs. W bought this home from her daughter and had it rented out until recently. She's trying to decide whether to move into the home or sell it. She noticed a spot on the master bedroom ceiling that showed signs of a leak. She called PGRS out, and T.J. performed an extremely thorough inspection for her. While the area in the master bedroom was not a roof leak, he did find an area where the bay window roof met the home that was an active leak. Once he went over with Mrs. W how the leak would be fixed, she decided to get the repair done to eliminate any further damage to the interior of the home. Her home is now leak free, giving her more peace of mind to get other projects completed.

Roof Repair in Hampton, GA - Photo 1Roof Repair in Hampton, GA - Photo 2Roof Repair in Hampton, GA - Photo 3Roof Repair in Hampton, GA - Photo 4
Roof Insurance Claim Assistance in Hampton, GA

Randy O. called PGRS looking for assistance with an insurance claim. Almost half of his neighbors had some of the same roof issues. The insurance claim experts at Professional Grade Roofing Solutions are often called upon to lend assistance to home and business owners when filing an insurance claim. We conduct through inspections to identify roofing damage and defects. The licensed roofers at PGRS are happy to help you seek full coverage from your insurance company. We can meet with your insurance adjuster and submit a damage report. We have great working relationships with insurance companies and have several companies that call us after a client has called their agent. We have a reputation of knowledge of the insurance process, honesty, quality workmanship and timely installations. 

Roof Insurance Claim Assistance in Hampton, GA - Photo 1
Work Requests From Hampton, GA
Vicinity of Magnolia Pkwy in Hampton
I'm interested in a "free" quote on a small area of our customers home where one of our lawn mowers hit it. I have pictures I can send. The address provided belongs to our customer, do not go to the address with contacting myself first. Thank you.
Vicinity of NEW HOPE DR in Hampton
Siding repair
Vicinity of Brooks Cir in Hampton
Hello, high winds have ripped off a piece of the fascia on our second story, near the roof. I'd like an estimate on the repair. Thank you
Vicinity of Tipperary Road in Hampton
Roof leakage
Vicinity of Creekside Ct in Hampton
Replace siding
Vicinity of Grove Way in Hampton
Good morning, I received your contact from one of my coworkers. I manage a community located in Lovejoy and they are townhomes. The townhomes need to be inspected for any siding repairs and then a quote to repair/replace. If you are interested, please let me know.
Vicinity of Misty Meadows Lane in Hampton
The siding on the front of my house is now falling down. I would like to have only the front part of my home's siding replaced.
Vicinity of Othello Drive in Hampton
Roof damage; replacement needed.
Vicinity of Caledon in Hampton
Roof leaks
Vicinity of Watercourse Way in Hampton
We appear to have a few shingles missing at the apex of our roof.
Vicinity of Megan Dr, in Hampton
I own a real estate office and I sell REO properties for the Banks and VA. This property is a bank owned foreclosure that need's a certified roofing company to redo the roof.
Vicinity of Misty Meadows Way Hampton Ga in Hampton
I need to Repair my roof and sideline
Vicinity of W James Cir in Hampton
Replacing siding on house
Vicinity of Dickson Rd in Hampton
The roof on my house has lost 10 or more shingles for this storm. One month ago I pay someone to fix another 4 , one year ago I pay for to fix others.
Vicinity of Steele in Hampton
I have a roof leak in the back of the house. I need a estimate
Vicinity of Marigold Ct in Hampton
Need the gutter over my garage replaced.
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