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Before and After Pictures from Fairburn
Gutter & Downspout Install in Fairburn, Georgia

Gutter & Downspout Install in Fairburn, Georgia

Before After
Gutter & Downspout Install in Fairburn, Georgia Gutter & Downspout Install in Fairburn, Georgia

PGRS installed new 6" seamless gutters and 3"x 4" downspout.

Gutter Replacement in Fairburn, GA

Gutter Replacement in Fairburn, GA

Before After
Gutter Replacement in Fairburn, GA Gutter Replacement in Fairburn, GA

Mr. K contacted PGRS because he works out of state and his wife maintains the home. They need a new gutter system on their home because the current vinyl gutters leak and can't handle a lot of rain runoff from the roof. Mrs. K wants a gutter system that will work properly and be maintenance-free. Once TJ, her Project Manager, explained to her how the new system would be installed, and how the LeaFree Gutter Protection works with lifetime clog free performance, she was instantly impressed and satisfied with the solution. She is getting a new 6" gutter system with LeaFree Gutter Protection in the color Musket Brown.

How We Helped This Homeowner Get a FREE Roof Through Insurance!

How We Helped This Homeowner Get a FREE Roof Through Insurance!

Before After
How We Helped This Homeowner Get a FREE Roof Through Insurance! How We Helped This Homeowner Get a FREE Roof Through Insurance!

Mr. & Mrs. M had a painter complete some painting on areas on the exterior of their home and the painter told them that he saw what he thought was hail damage on their roof. They called their insurance company at the time and they denied their claim. They have since switched insurance providers and didn't want to file a new claim with them. Mr. & Mrs. M did, however, want a professional opinion. They called 3 other roofing companies and according to Mr. M, none of them even got on the roof. All they did was walk around the house and give them a "ballpark" estimate and tried to push them to sign a contract. After their Project Consultant, Steve Shows finished interviewing the customer, they wanted him to do an actual inspection on the roof to determine if there was damage or not. Steve also learned that they were ready to sell their house and really didn't want the most expensive roof, they wanted a quality roof that wouldn't break the bank, backed by a solid company that they knew would take good care of them. After   Steve’s inspection, he found quite a bit of damage on the roof and showed them all of the areas of concern. Though the roof hadn't leaked up to that point, they could see how it wouldn't be long before the roof started to fail and they would have bigger problems on their hands. Steve provided them with an economical Supreme 3 Tab Roofing System that would give them the peace of mind that they wanted and get their house into shape to be sold. Mrs. M is a Realtor and she knew that if they didn't replace the roof before putting it on the market, that any potential buyer’s inspector would recommend a roof replacement. Whether they replaced the roof now or waited until they tried to sell, they would have to get a roof either way. They were so happy after Steve explained everything and was able to provide them with a quality solution that Mrs. M gave Steve a hug! Now they have the new roof they needed and their house is ready to be put on the market whenever they are!

Company Awards
Georgia Certified Renovation Firm License
We are now certified to perform lead-based paint renovations.... [Read more]
3rd place in Keller Williams Atlanta Partners 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off
Roers and Keller Williams 5th Annual Chili Feed was held to benefit United Way of Cass-Clay.... [Read more]
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Fairburn, GA High Quality Roof Repair, Roof Replacement & Siding Company

Jason, you and your crew did a great job, I will definitely recommend your company highly....
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Fairburn, GA's Roofing, Siding & Gutter Specialist

Looking for an award winning contractor that specializes in roof repair, roof replacement, siding installation, and gutter contracting work? Look no further!

We are a fully licensed and insured Fairburn, GA area contractor. Our team includes certified experts that provide excellent quality work and most importantly have years of field experience taking on a wide range of roofing, siding, and gutter installation projects.

Make sure to look above to check out our satisfied customers in your Fairburn neighborhood!

Fairburn, GA Roof Repair Contractor

If you notice that your home has a roof leak or is showing signs of wear and tear (this is especially true for old/poor quality roofs) then the experts at PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding are here to restore your life and your home back to normal.

PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding has been in business for decades. That's why we know how important it is to take care of the small problems before they become big expensive ones that compromise the stability of your home. The last thing you want is a small roofing problem that quickly turns into a major issue that causes tens of thousands of dollars in structural damage to your home.

That's why we begin each roof repair evaluation by sending out a certified roofing specialist from PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding to not only pinpoint where the problem stems from but to also evaluate the overall condition of your roof and home. Then we proceed by guiding you through our roof repair options that fit perfectly within your price and budget.

Here are some of our most durable and popular products:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing options
  • Cedar & wood shake shingles
  • And many others...

Fairburn, GA Emergency Roof Replacement Company

Life in Fairburn is great until an unexpected thunderstorm unleashes wind, hail and storm damage on your neighborhood and home.

We know just how nerve-racking an emergency roofing situation is when an unexpected storm causes major damage to your home.

So, if you find yourself with storm damage or just need a total roof replacement (especially for older or poor quality roofs) then let our certified roofing specialists quickly assess the situation of your home, secure it (so we can prevent additional damage from occurring) and do everything in our power to restore your home and life back to pristine condition as soon as possible.

The most important thing to remember is that if you must secure a damaged roof. Failure to do so can end up causing you tens of thousands of dollars in additional structural damage to your home.

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing Contractor Serving [city_page:city_name

Tired of high utility costs, uncomfortable temperatures, and drafts in your Fairburn home? Your poorly sealed and under-insulated attic may be to blame. PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding offers airtight, continuous attic insulation and air sealing services that can guarantee a more comfortable and energy efficient home overall.

Plus, with our comprehensive ductwork services, we can promise better HVAC performance that will save you money!

Our attic insulation services include:

  • Cellulose insulation
  • Attic air sealing
  • Foam board insulation
  • Radiant barrier installation
  • Duct sealing
  • Spray foam duct insulation

Fairburn, GA Siding Contractor

PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding is also Fairburn, GA's trustworthy and leading siding installation company.

We always get a kick out of hearing from previous homeowners we've serviced in the Fairburn area when they write into us about how much they have saved in energy bills after we install new roofing and siding solutions to their homes.

Many people aren't aware that simply installing better quality siding and roofing to their homes is the quickest way for them to dramatically lower their energy bills, and many times pays for itself in just a few years time! So, not only will your home look better, but you'll save money in the long run.

At PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding we always make sure to provide our clients with only the very best siding options that include: cedar siding, vinyl siding, and fiber cement siding products.

But That's Not All We Do...We Also Do:

  • Roof maintenance
  • Emergency roof replacement
  • Emergency roof repair
  • Fix damaged shingles and roof leaks
  • Ridge vent installation & roof vent installation
  • Wood rot repair
  • Metal roof installation
  • Commercial roofing servicing & installation
  • Custom siding installation
  • Attic insulation
  • Gutter installation & gutter replacement
  • Gutter guards & aluminum gutters installation
So, don't keep debating and asking yourself which siding, gutter or roofing contractors near me get the job done right! Click below so you can get a FREE estimate today.
Case Studies From Fairburn
This Fairburn customer bought this home and much to their surprise there were absolutely no gutters installed on the back side of the house. Having...
This building has been roofed over 4 times in the past, resulting in more roof weight than the building could properly support. This was causing a...
This rental property in Fairburn, GA was experiencing an unknown roof leak and the owner knew just who to call as PGRS has handled multiple...
Job Stories From Fairburn, GA
Roof replacement in Fairburn, GA

A couple years ago we did a roof repair for Ms. R.  At the time, we discussed that her roof was nearing the end of its life cycle and would need to be replaced soon. After she started to experience some additional leaks recently, she knew it was probably time to consider a full replacement. She met her Project Consultant, Steve who did a full inspection of her roof. While in the attic he found where the roof had been leaking in 4 different areas and would need to have some decking replaced. Ms. R plans on staying in her home for a long time and wanted a solution that would last as long as possible. Steve showed her the IKO Dynasty Lifetime Architectural Roof System and she said that was exactly what she was looking for. She chose one of our easy financing options to pay for the roof and chose the Dynasty Granite Black shingle. Not only does she now have a roof that will last for many years, but she has one of the best-looking roofs in the neighborhood!

Roof maintenance in Fairburn, GA

Mr. W noticed some water stains on the ceiling in both his kids' bedrooms, and began calling roofers to assess what his problems were so they could be fixed. When Mr. W met with T.J. of PGRS, he began to see that things were different with this company. Mr. W brought them into his home to show them the spots on the ceiling and then let them get in the attic to pinpoint the location of the leaking areas. T.J. then performed an inspection of the entire roof to make sure that he didn't have any other problems that needed attention. Once T.J. reviewed the results of the inspection with Mr. W, he saw how valuable it would be to have PGRS perform the repairs to make his roof water tight once again. Now Mr. W won't have to worry about roof leaks for the remaining time his family lives in this home.

New gutters installed in Fairburn, GA

Mr. F called our office to get a price on new gutters for his home. He bought the house new two years ago and there were no gutters on it. He noticed erosion around his foundation and rainwater was washing his landscaping bark away. His project consultant from PGRS came up with a solution to add 6" seamless aluminum gutters, 3"x 4" downspouts, valley shields, 6" flex pipe and splash blocks to the home to help keep the water away from his foundation and landscaping.
He said the final price was lower than expected! Mr. F said he was pleased with our company and was amazed how the gutters matched the color of his trim. Now he can get back to fixing the landscaping around his home.

Roof repair and roof maintenance in Fairburn, GA

Mr. M had a leak spring up with all the recent storms at one of his rental properties. He called PGRS to come to inspect the roof and let him know what condition it was in. His project consultant, Jose went by and inspected the attic and the roof. From the attic, Jose noticed the water was coming in between two pieces of decking. When he got on the roof it was obvious a shingle had blown off leaving the roof exposed. Overall, Jose determined that the roof was close to the end of its life. Mr. M wanted an option that would give him and his tenant some peace of mind that no water would get into the house, but he wasn’t ready to replace the entire roof at this time. José presented overall roof maintenance, which included sealing exposed nails on the roof, adding pipe boot collars to existing pipe boots, securing all fasteners on the HVAC stack and ventilation, and painting all accessories to match. That along with adding synthetic underlayment and new shingles in the area of the leak would hold him over until he was ready to replace. Mr. M now has time to prepare for the full roof replacement with a leak-free rental property.

Roof repair and roof maintenance in Fairburn, GA - Photo 1Roof repair and roof maintenance in Fairburn, GA - Photo 2Roof repair and roof maintenance in Fairburn, GA - Photo 3Roof repair and roof maintenance in Fairburn, GA - Photo 4Roof repair and roof maintenance in Fairburn, GA - Photo 5Roof repair and roof maintenance in Fairburn, GA - Photo 6Roof repair and roof maintenance in Fairburn, GA - Photo 7
Roof Repair in Fairburn, GA

Mr. C bought his home a month ago, and he was aware it needed work. He experienced a leak almost immediately after moving in, so they decided to have a professional company come take a look at the roof. He met with Jose and explained his situation. Jose carefully did an attic inspection to determine the source of the problem, and along with that did a roof inspection of the entire roof. Jose then provided Mr. C with inspection videos of the roof and attic. He determined that when they did the roof some years ago, they did not replace the flashing along the chimney. With that, they also removed their existing satellite dish but failed to seal the holes off. These issues were allowing water to enter in 2 different places. After presenting him with the solution to re-flash the chimney with new step flashing, new retro fit counter flashing, and to replace the damaged shingles & decking, and lastly to do an overall roof maintenance, he knew that was the way to go. Mr. C is no longer worried about the roof and can move onto other projects on his home.

Siding repair in Fairburn, GA

Mrs. B had an issue with a faulty surge protector on her AC unit that caught on fire. Luckily it only melted a few pieces of siding. After calling PGRS and meeting with Jose, he determined there was not any extensive damage to the framing only the vinyl siding. After giving her an estimate to replace the damaged siding, she also decided to take advantage and sign up for a roof maintenance. She now has new siding to replace the damaged pieces and also has peace of mind that her roof will hold up until she budgets for the new roof system.

Roof Maintenance in Fairburn, GA

Repair your existing roof or place it with a new one? Let PGRS assist you in making an informed decision. Each home is different, the roof deterioration and shingle damage should be considered in your decision. 

PGRS can inspect your roof and explain the pros and cons of either roof maintenance or roof replacement. Understanding the benefits of each and discussing the stress-free financing options can help with the decision.

Roof Maintenance in Fairburn, GA - Photo 1
Roof Repair & Maintenance in Moreland, Georgia

This customer in Moreland, Georgia had a water spot on the interior ceiling which kept getting bigger after each rainstorm. PGRS sent a Project Manager out to diagnose the source of the leak. After a through roof inspection, we determined the issue was poorly installed flashing around the chimney of the home. We were able to provide a quote for the cost of the repair which included complete roof maintenance on the spot and scheduled the repair the next business day to prevent any further damage.

Roof Repair & Maintenance in Moreland, Georgia - Photo 1
Work Requests From Fairburn, GA
Vicinity of Apostle Road in Fairburn
Looking to redo my siding and change from vinyl to hardie.
Vicinity of Pecan Wood Circle in Fairburn
I need the siding repaired on the side of my house. Looking for a estimate. Thanks
Vicinity of Bucknell Ter in Fairburn
Roof and ceiling repair
Vicinity of Potomac Pl in Fairburn
Water leakage from siding around the chimney
Vicinity of Avalon Boulevard in Fairburn
Wet spot on ceiling which is coming from the roof
Vicinity of Cascade Palmetto Highway in Fairburn
Need insulation blown in attic and rolled in crawl space. 1,800 soft in attic and 900 in crawl space.
Vicinity of Spoleto Loop in Fairburn
Roof repair
Vicinity of SE Broad Street in Fairburn
We had a leak dripping water through a ceiling tile in one of our offices in our building with the big storms we had on April 19. If at all possible can I have someone that can come take a look this week?
Vicinity of Chastain Way in Fairburn
Need an estimate on new roof due to hail damage. Roof area is 2392 SF
Vicinity of Cog Hill Dr in Fairburn
Gutter system needs repaired. some parts have came loose causing leaks
Vicinity of Cedar Grove Court in Fairburn
I was told by my roof contractor that I needed to have my chimney trim and siding replaced, caulked and painted. I wanted to get an estimate for this repair. I can provide photos if needed.
Vicinity of Henry Mill Rd in Fairburn
My roof leaks when it rains and I want to get an assessment of the roof condition and estimate of repairs.
Vicinity of Spence Road in Fairburn
Looking for any damage possibly causes by recent storm
Vicinity of St David Street in Fairburn
I am looking to get estimates on roof repair and/or replacement as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Woodland Hills Drive in Fairburn
Roof Replacement.
Vicinity of Cascade Palmetto Hwy. in Fairburn
I need an estimate to install a new roof, gutters and hardie plank siding on my newly framed garage. It is 24x40 with a 12/12 pitch roof. Framing will be complete 7/17. Thanks!
Vicinity of Bucknell Ter in Fairburn
Roof repair or replacement
Vicinity of Meadow Glen Way in Fairburn
Roof repair or replacement
Vicinity of Fellowship Rd in Fairburn
I need gutter replacement on my 2 story home. It was constructed in 2005
Vicinity of Highland Parkway in Fairburn
Roof repairs
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