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Before and After Pictures from Brooks
Roof Replacement in Brooks, GA

Roof Replacement in Brooks, GA

Before After
Roof Replacement in Brooks, GA Roof Replacement in Brooks, GA

This customer experienced multiple roof leaks due to a defective Atlas Chalet roof. PGRS worked with their insurance company and installed a beautiful Owens Corning™ Oakridge® Shingle in Williamsburg Gray. Oakridge® Shingles are The Right Choice® for long lasting performance and striking beauty.

Roof Replacement in Brooks, GA

Roof Replacement in Brooks, GA

Before After
Roof Replacement in Brooks, GA Roof Replacement in Brooks, GA

This Brooks, GA customer had an old Atlas Chalet roof that had significant hail damage on it. PGRS installed an Owens Corning™ Oakridge® Driftwood roof system. Fortunately, we moved forward with the roof system replacement before any significant wood rot developed in the plywood substructure beneath the shingles. The perfect fall home improvement upgrade! 

Roof Repair in Brooks, GA

Roof Repair in Brooks, GA

Before After
Roof Repair in Brooks, GA Roof Repair in Brooks, GA

Our customer has a lot of water damage from a leaking roof. The water leaks have caused her front porch ceiling to rot out in 3 areas along with the roof decking. She also doesn't have a gutter across the front of her home. This has resulted in water running off her shingles and onto the fascia boards which has caused additional rotting.

The solution was to fix the areas of the roof that are leaking by properly installing the new shingles, replacing her old pipe boots, and replacing the rotted wood on her porch ceiling. We installed a gutter along the front of her home so that rain water can be properly pulled away from the house and no longer cause rot to her fascia boards. PGRS can handle whatever roofing issue arises. Give us a call today!

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Georgia Certified Renovation Firm License
We are now certified to perform lead-based paint renovations.... [Read more]
3rd place in Keller Williams Atlanta Partners 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off
Roers and Keller Williams 5th Annual Chili Feed was held to benefit United Way of Cass-Clay.... [Read more]
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Edward came out and was very thorough during his inspection and explained the entire process in detail. When the installation...
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Trusted Roof Replacement & Roof Repair Contractors in Brooks, Georgia

If you're in need of a high-quality roofer that you can trust in Brooks then you've come to the right place. As a fully licensed and insured contractor serving Brooks, GA residents, PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding takes pride in offering the highest quality roofing services that you can find. From the smallest repair job to full replacements, all of our experts are trained and certified to install only the best product that's guaranteed to deliver. We'll work with you to find any of the issues that are plaguing your home, and make sure that the project area is totally cleaned up once we're finished. In addition to our roofing services, we provide siding, windows, gutters, attic insulation and more – all installed by trained by professionals you can trust. PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding provides same day FREE price estimates on all of our services - GUARANTEED!

High Quality Roof Repair Services Throughout Brooks, Georgia

PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding is the most trusted name in roofing in Brooks. If you've noticed that you have a leak in your roof or blown shingles on your property, then you need a company that can deliver a fast and effective response. Regular maintenance can go a long way to preserving the life of your roof, which is why we always recommend having your roof serviced by a roofing professional on a regular basis. When you contact us for roof repairs, our specialist will complete a total inspection of your roof in order to determine that the structural integrity of the roof is intact. When finished, we'll discuss all possible options for repair that will fit within your budget. Overall, our goal is to preserve the life of your Brooks roof and maintain its quality and level of protection.

Transform Your Brooks, GA Home With a Roof Replacement

If the damage to your roof is too severe, you will most likely be in need of a full roof replacement. PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding works with a variety of high-quality roofing materials in order to deliver you with the best product in the Brooks area. Whether it's asphalt shingle, metal roofing, cedar shake, or more, we can give your home the perfect look that will truly make you stand out while offering premium protection from the elements. While a full roof replacement can be a daunting task, you can rest easy knowing that our roofing specialists will keep you clued in every step of the way. Above all else, we value customer satisfaction and clear lines of communication with all of our clients. 

Full Roofing Services & Products in Brooks, GA:

  • Roof Repair & Maintenance
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Ventilation & Ridge Vents
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Roof Wind Damage
  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Commercial Roofing & Flat Roofing
  • Energy Efficient Shingles
  • Siding Installation
  • Gutter Installation & Replacement
  • Gutter Guards & Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Brooks, GA Air Sealing Attic Insulation Contractor

Don't let a poorly insulated and air sealed attic ruin the energy efficiency and comfort of your Brooks, GA home. PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding provides comprehensive attic air sealing and insulation solutions that will promote a healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient home overall.

Plus our complete ductwork services assure optimum HVAC performance that will ultimately save you money!

Our attic insulation services include:

  • Cellulose insulation
  • Attic air sealing
  • Foam board insulation
  • Radiant barrier installation
  • Duct sealing
  • Spray foam duct insulation

Siding Installation to Upgrade Your Brooks Home's Exterior

As the exterior shell of your home siding is very important for several reasons. Siding can impact how well your home is protected from the elements, how good your home looks and how efficient your home is when it comes to your energy bills. We pride ourselves on offering siding installation that will be just right for your Brooks home.

At PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding we offer several different types of siding that are all guaranteed to improve your home's exterior. We offer vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, and cedar siding so we are sure we will be able to help you achieve the look you have always dreamed of. We will also assist you when it comes to choosing the right colors that will best match the architecture and style of your home.

To learn more about siding installation cost for your home call or click today

Case Studies From Brooks
The chimney of this home in Brooks, GA has leaked since the house was built and each time the chimney would leak, the homeowner would call a...
With multiple roof leaks, cracking and degranulating Atlas Chalet shingles - this homeowner needed help. The PGRS Project Manager met with the...
Job Stories From Brooks, GA
Fascia repairs in Brooks, GA

Mr. S has been experiencing some water leakage from a gutter on the right side of his home for a while now. He thought that replacing the gutters would solve his problems and he would not have to worry about it anymore. When a bad storm came through, he noticed that the problem had continued and did not know what the cause was. He called on the pros at PGRS and his project consultant Chase arrived right on time for their appointment to help in any way that he could. Chase did a thorough inspection and noticed that the culprit to his problem was due to the fascia board being rotted out and the hanger that his new gutters were installed with are backing out causing for a gap between the gutter and the fascia board. Chase recommended removing the gutter and replacing the fascia board and re-wrapping it in PVC Trim Coil. Now Mr. S has no more leaks coming from his new gutters and does not have to worry about any further damages.

Siding repairs, bulldog gutter protection and painting in Brooks, GA

Mr. and Mrs. M have owned their home for a while now. When they moved in, they had the home painted and at that time, didn't realize they painted over some wood rot. Well years later the wood rot has gotten worse and the painting has faded over time. He was interested in interviewing a few different companies to see what his solutions would be. He called 6 companies. PGRS was the only company of the 6 to show up when they said they would. He met his project consultant, Jose, to look at his concerns. Immediately Mr. M was impressed with Jose's product knowledge. He was able to explain exactly why the issues were occurring and what PGRS could do about them. While walking around Jose noticed some of the gutters were clogged. He brought it to Mr. M's attention, and Mr. M explained he was sick and tired of cleaning his gutters or paying someone else to do it. He was interested in an option for gutter protection. Jose inspected the home thoroughly and went over his results. He showed Mr. and Mrs. M all of the area to be repaired in detail. He also showed them the process of a paint job at PGRS. Lastly, he showed them the 2 options for gutter protection. Mrs. M was weary of the product that was installed on their roof, due to experiencing issues with them in the past. She was more open to the bulldog gutter protection since that sat in the gutter. After reviewing everything, they knew PGRS was the right company. They now have a beautifully painted home with a maintenance free gutter system.

Siding repairs, bulldog gutter protection and painting in Brooks, GA - Photo 1Siding repairs, bulldog gutter protection and painting in Brooks, GA - Photo 2Siding repairs, bulldog gutter protection and painting in Brooks, GA - Photo 3Siding repairs, bulldog gutter protection and painting in Brooks, GA - Photo 4Siding repairs, bulldog gutter protection and painting in Brooks, GA - Photo 5Siding repairs, bulldog gutter protection and painting in Brooks, GA - Photo 6
Roof leak repair in Brooks, GA

Mr. G is a previous customer and when he started to experience a roof leak, he called PGRS. His project consultant, Steve, met with him and provided a thorough inspection of the roof and attic and saw that the water was coming in alongside one of the dormers. Steve showed him how the water was finding its way in and provided a solution to properly step flash the area of the leak along with replacing the damaged wood and installing Ice & Water shield as an added layer of protection. Mr. G agreed that was the best solution and now he has a leak free roof!

Roof leak repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 1Roof leak repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 2Roof leak repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 3Roof leak repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 4Roof leak repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 5
Gutter replacement in Brooks, GA

Mr. M has been in the process of building a new back porch. He is doing most of the work himself but did not have a gutter machine to do the proper gutter work. He called PGRS to see if they could help. He met his project consultant Jose to look at his project. Mr. M had 2 downspouts pouring out in 2 different directions, he didn't know exactly what the best way to tie into 1 would be. He had dug a pipe to carry the water away from the property and needed 1 downspout. Jose proposed to eliminate both downspouts currently on the home. Then, install a new gutter to wrap around the dog ear in the area. That way we could tie in the upper gutter to dump into the lower one, eliminating that downspout. After that, we would then install 1 downspout coming off the new gutter to tie into his drainage. He now has a properly functioning gutter system once again with the correct downspout placement.

Gutter replacement in Brooks, GA - Photo 1Gutter replacement in Brooks, GA - Photo 2
Tree damage repair in Brooks, GA

Mr. and Mrs. C recently had a tree fall on their home with the storms we've had. They called a few companies out, but none of them got on the roof and just gave them a price. The price was either way too good to be true, or a way to high with no explanation of what was to be done. They decided to get PGRS out there and get a third opinion. They met their project consultant Jose to look at their roof. Jose arrived and spoke to Mr. and Mrs. C about their concerns. Jose listened and began his inspection. First, he wanted to inspect the attic to see how extensive the damage was and to his surprise, there was no structural damage. The limbs of the tree penetrated right in between the rafters. Then he got on the roof and saw what he could see due to a tarp covering the holes from the tree. He also inspected the outer fascia that took the most impact. The tree had cracked the outer rafter and fascia pushing the OSB up. Jose got down and showed everything to Mr. and Mrs. C. He showed them exactly how we would fix it with pictures so they were clear. We had to remove the decking on the outer part to get to the rafter and replace it where the holes were. Then, we had to replace the outer rafter, replace the fascia, install a new fascia wrap, and reset the soffit. Lastly, we secured the gutter where the tree knicked it and tied in new shingles where we pulled the OSB off. Mr. and Mrs. C are so thankful they found the right company for the work where they knew exactly where their money was going. Their home is now leak free once again.

Tree damage repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 1Tree damage repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 2Tree damage repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 3Tree damage repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 4Tree damage repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 5Tree damage repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 6Tree damage repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 7
Roof repair in Brooks, GA

Mr. R is a previous customer of PGRS. He had us do some gutter work for him last year and was pleased, so when he developed a roof leak, he knew who to call. Mr. R met with Jose, his project consultant, to go over his concerns. His roof is a metal roof that is only about 3 years old. He was very shocked to find a leak with the recent storms in an upstairs bedroom. Jose inspected the attic but had no luck finding any damage other than the area was around an exhaust vent. He then got on the roof to look at it from the top and found the HVAC vent to have come up slightly, leaving a gap where water could penetrate. While up there Jose noticed the pipe boots weren't in the best shape either. Jose showed Mr. R an inspection video so he could see for himself and he agreed. Jose presented an option to maintain the roof, which would include sealing all the penetrations, like the HVAC vent, and replacing all pipe boots. Mr. R was convinced this solution was the way to go. He now leaks free home once again.

Roof repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 1Roof repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 2Roof repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 3Roof repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 4Roof repair in Brooks, GA - Photo 5
Roof replacement in Brooks, GA

Mr. and Mrs. C made an appointment with PGRS because they had multiple roof leaks, one around the chimney and one over a bedroom. Greg met with them and spent time listening to their concerns and ideas. They decided because of the age of the roof that they wanted a quote for repairs and two price options for a full replacement.
Greg did a full inspection of the attic and roof. After looking at pictures and the video of the inspection, Mr. and Mrs. C decided it would make more sense to go ahead and replace the old roof. They chose to go with an IKO Dynasty lifetime architectural shingles in the color Brownstone. They are very happy with their new roof and have already referred us to their son.

Roof maintenance in Brooks, GA

Mr. and Mrs. B had their roof replaced about 10 years ago when a tree fell on their home. Everything has been good until they recently noticed a leak in an upstairs room. They met with Jose from PGRS to look over their leak. Jose met with the homeowners and found that the leak had first shown up about a year ago and the others showed with the recent storms. Jose got in the attic and started his inspection there. It was clear the water was coming in around a pipe boot. After inspecting the roof Jose found that all the pipe boots on the home were dry-rotting. To prevent any more damage, Jose recommended replacing all the pipe boots and doing roof maintenance. That way Mr. and Mrs. B could get their maximum life out of this roof system and not worry about another pipe boot potentially leaking. Jose's solution included adding Ice & Water around the pipe boots as added protection and adding a pipe boot collar as another layer of protection. Mr. and Mrs. B now have a leak-free roof with the peace of mind that their roof is functioning to maximum potential.

Roof maintenance in Brooks, GA - Photo 1Roof maintenance in Brooks, GA - Photo 2Roof maintenance in Brooks, GA - Photo 3Roof maintenance in Brooks, GA - Photo 4Roof maintenance in Brooks, GA - Photo 5Roof maintenance in Brooks, GA - Photo 6
Siding Replacement in Brooks, GA

Mrs. F is a previous customer who we installed maintenance free vinyl siding on her shed last year. Now she was ready to make the exterior of her home maintenance free! She had such a good experience with PGRS that she didn't hesitate to call us again. She wanted her home and the shed to match so she chose the Mastic Ovation Vinyl Siding in a Double 5" Straight Lap in White. She also wanted to replace her wood soffits with Mastic Vinyl Soffit and Aluminum Fascia Capping. Now Mrs. F has a maintenance free exterior that will provide many years of worry free homeownership!

Siding replacement in Brooks, GA.

Mrs. F is a widower that needed a siding upgrade to the shed that her husband built. The existing wood siding was deteriorating and was in desperate need of a paint job. Our Project Consultant Steve met with Mrs. F to help her determine what her best option was. She really didn't want to worry about keeping up with painting and maintenance. Steve discussed maintenance free vinyl siding options with her and she decided that was the perfect solution. PGRS removed all of the old siding from her shed and installed beautiful Mastic Carvedwood vinyl siding that comes with a lifetime warranty. Now Mrs. F won't have to worry about rotting siding or painting again.

Siding replacement in Brooks, GA. - Photo 1
Work Requests From Brooks, GA
Project Location: Brooks, GA
17 year old vinyl siding needs replacement on house (4500 sf) and detached garage. Need quote on HardiPlank or similar siding.
Project Location: Brooks, GA
Need current gutters checked and cleaned. Possible additional work needed.
Project Location: Brooks, GA
Move gutter downspout and look a replacing siding on sections of the house with hardie plank
Project Location: Brooks, GA
Leak on roof
Project Location: Brooks, GA
Have several roof leaks that need repaired. The roof is metal and only 9 years old. Also have numerous screws that have backed on all over the roof that need tightened. Leaks are most noticible with hard blowing rains and occur around valleys.
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