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Before and After Pictures from Atlanta
Roof replacement in Doraville, GA

Roof replacement in Doraville, GA

Before After
Roof replacement in Doraville, GA Roof replacement in Doraville, GA

Mr. K has been wanting to replace his roof for a while. He lives in a condo and has been waiting for his neighbor to finish their construction work before he put on his new roof. Mr. K chose our IKO Dynasty roof system and now has one of the nicest roofs in the complex.

Roof replacement in Doraville, GA

Roof replacement in Doraville, GA

Before After
Roof replacement in Doraville, GA Roof replacement in Doraville, GA

PGRS installed a new IKO Dynasty roof on this home in Doraville, GA

Roof replacement in Dunwoody, GA

Roof replacement in Dunwoody, GA

Before After
Roof replacement in Dunwoody, GA Roof replacement in Dunwoody, GA

Roof replacement in Dunwoody, GA using IKO Cambridge Architectural shingles in Charcoal Grey.

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Georgia Certified Renovation Firm License
We are now certified to perform lead-based paint renovations.... [Read more]
3rd place in Keller Williams Atlanta Partners 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off
Roers and Keller Williams 5th Annual Chili Feed was held to benefit United Way of Cass-Clay.... [Read more]
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Atlanta, GA's Proven Roof Repair, Roof Replacement, Siding, & Gutter Contractor

We were never disappointed. Throughout the entire project, I was so pleased with the attention to detail, the expertise shown and...
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Atlanta, GA's Experienced Roofing & Siding Contractor

At PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding we are a company that provides high-quality roof repair, roof replacement, siding installation, and gutter contracting work.

PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding is an award-winning, fully licensed and insured contractor. We have the experience and quality products needed to fix your Atlanta to perfection. 

Additionally, our roofing, siding and gutter installation experts are trained and certified with decades of experience, so you know your custom work is being performed by knowledgeable specialists. Not only do we get the job done right the first time, but we're excellent at clean-up too.

So, check out our hundreds of satisfied customers in the Atlanta area above in the testimonials! We offer same day FREE price estimates on all of our services - GUARANTEED!

Get a FREE estimate!

Atlanta, GA Roof Repair Company

The Atlanta area has its fair share of thunderstorms and tornadoes that end up leaving wind, hail and other types of storm damage. At PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding it doesn't matter if you've experienced wind, hail or any other type of storm damage, or you have a roof leak, or are your roof has normal wear and tear due to the elements (especially poor quality roofs). Our professionals are here to help service you right away and restore your life back to normal.

It's exactly because of the frequent storms we experience in Atlanta that it's critically important to have your roof inspected by a specialist regularly. That way you can save a lot of money by spotting minor problems before they become major catastrophic ones.

Our roof repair process works by sending out one of our highly skilled team members to view your home and evaluate the quality and integrity of your roof. Then, we'll give you an easy to understand break down of all the roof repair options that fit the budget and targeted price range. 

Atlanta, GA Roof Replacement Contractor

In some cases, roof damage can be very bad and you might need to replace your roof right away. The good news is that at PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding, we provide many kinds of roofing solutions to give you the best product and styles to choose from.

Here are some of our most popular types:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Cedar & wood shake shingles

  • And more

PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding can help you choose from a variety of roofing options to find the choice that's right for you and your home. Here at PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding we value customer satisfaction and communicate with you to make sure we're on the same page through the entire process.

Other Roofing Services & Products We Offer:

  • Emergency roof repair & maintenance
  • Emergency roof replacement solutions
  • Roof ventilation & ridge vents
  • Roof leak repair
  • Roof wind damage
  • Metal roofing
  • Wood rot repair
  • Commercial roofing
  • Energy efficient shingles
  • Siding installation
  • Attic insulation
  • Gutter installation & replacement
  • Gutter guards & seamless aluminum gutters

Atlanta's Expert Attic Insulation & Air Sealing Contractor 

At PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding we provide continuous, airtight attic insulation and air sealing solutions that are guaranteed to boost your home's comfort and energy efficiency, stopping annoying drafts and effectively lowering your utility costs.

Plus, after our ductwork solutions, your heating and cooling unit will work more efficiently and save you money!

Our attic insulation services include:

  • Cellulose insulation
  • Attic air sealing
  • Foam board insulation
  • Radiant barrier installation
  • Duct sealing
  • Spray foam duct insulation

Atlanta, GA Siding Contractor

Siding and roofing often go together because they are both protectors of your home, just on different sides of the house.

Siding can have a large impact on your home's energy bills and how comfortable the home is. PGRS: Professional Grade Roofing + Siding offers our Atlanta customers siding in a variety of styles to update your home the way you want.

That's why we offer you vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, and cedar siding so we are sure we will be able to help you achieve the look you have always dreamed of. To find out how much new siding will cost, call or click below today.

So, don't keep asking yourself which roof repair contractors near me are the best! Call or click below to schedule your FREE no obligation estimate!

Job Stories From Atlanta, GA
New roof installed in Atlanta, GA

Ms. R was experiencing a few roof leaks. She saw PGRS installing a roof in her neighborhood and decided to give us a call. When her project consultant Steve met with her and inspected her roof, he realized that she had a recalled shingle installed on her roof and there was storm damage. Steve advised her to contact her insurance company to see if they would replace the roof instead of Ms. R having to pay out of pocket. The insurance company agreed to replace the roof and Ms. R now has a brand new IKO Dynasty roof that will last her a lifetime!

New roof installed in Atlanta, GA - Photo 1New roof installed in Atlanta, GA - Photo 2New roof installed in Atlanta, GA - Photo 3New roof installed in Atlanta, GA - Photo 4New roof installed in Atlanta, GA - Photo 5New roof installed in Atlanta, GA - Photo 6New roof installed in Atlanta, GA - Photo 7
Roof and siding repairs in Atlanta, GA

Ms. H experienced a bad leak in her garage from a recent storm. She called upon a couple of companies to assess the cause and provide a solution to repair her roof. The first company told her she just needed some caulking and add a piece of flashing at one part of her roof for $450. She decided to wait and speak to PGRS before making any decisions regarding her repair. T.J. thoroughly inspected her roof and attic to determine what action needed to be taken. He explained in detail to Ms. H what needed to happen to ensure no more water would get in. Once she saw the price for what was explained should be done, she wanted to get on the schedule for repair. Now she can sleep in peace without worry about her garage ceiling falling in on her cars.

Partial roof replacement in Atlanta, GA

Ms. H moved into her home about 4 years ago. She has had a little bit of work done to the home here and there. The roof over her den has been a problem since she moved in. She had some skylights leak that caused damage, so she had them removed and sealed up. After a while she began to notice that the roof was leaking again. She had someone try to patch it and install a tarp over it. She called upon PGRS to come out and assess what would be necessary to take care of the problem. T.J. carefully inspected the roof and found that it had at least 3 layers of shingles on it. He informed Ms. H of a couple of options to replace that section of her roof. Before she could make a decision on how to proceed, a storm caused a tree limb to pierce a hole through her roof, into her den. Ms. H was then able to place an insurance claim on the damage to get it covered. Ms. H's section of roof over her den has been restored to new condition.

Partial roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 1Partial roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 2Partial roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 3Partial roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 4Partial roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 5
Roof leak repair in Atlanta, GA

Ms. E has lived in her home for about 5 years now and plans on staying there for a while. She has noticed over the past couple of months that the roof had begun to leak. She noticed that it was progressively getting worse and decided that it was time to have someone take a look at it. She had several contractors come out and see what was going on, some said flashing, some said the entire roof needed to be replaced. She called PGRS for her last estimate before she made a decision. Her project consultant, Chase, arrived on time and ready to help fix the problem. Chase and Ms. E walked around the house to identify where exactly the leaks were ending to get a rough gauge of where they were coming from. After that Chase began his inspection in the attic, he realized that no decking was damaged due to water but the water was coming in somehow. After further investigation Chase realized that he could see sun light coming from the ridge vent where it was installed improperly and was dripping straight down into the attic. He also noticed that on the eaves, whenever the builder built the home they left a builders gap, and with all these rain storms we are having, water was protruding through that gap and making its presence known. Chase quoted Ms. E to install a pvc coated aluminum trim coil to act as a drip edge to cover that builders gap as well as installing a new ridge vent with hip and ridge shingles to match, and lastly a roof maintenance to reseal any roof penetrations and fasteners. Now Ms. E has a leak free home again, that she does not have to worry about.

Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA

Mr. and Mrs. W have lived in their home for quite a while. They recently started to renovate the exterior and started on the painting first. After a bad storm they noticed some shingles were missing and thought they should have it checked out. They called PGRS to come take a look and met their consultant Jose. Jose inspected the roof and determined there indeed was severe storm damage on the roof. He suggested calling the insurance company and even helped them call the claim in and get started. The adjuster came out and found storm damage and their insurance company paid for a new roof system. After interviewing several companies, the homeowners decided to have PGRS install the new roof. The constant communication along with top quality roofing components gave them the peace at mind they wanted. They now have a beautiful new IKO Cambridge Limited Lifetime Architectural Roof System in Color Dual Black.

Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 1Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 2Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 3Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 4
New gutters and Bulldog gutter protection in Atlanta, GA

Mr. J has lived at his home that he built after retirement for about 20 years. He noticed that the gutters were beginning to sag in one area because they were overflowing with debris. He knew he had to get it taken care of to prevent any future damage. He called PGRS and his project consultant Chase arrived on time and ready to help in any way possible. Chase listened to Mr. J's concerns and came to the conclusion that Mr. J just wanted a solution to fix that one run of gutter on the right side of his home and add gutter protection. Chase priced him out for both of our different gutter protection options and Mr. J decided that our bulldog gutter protection would be the best fit. Now Mr. J has a proper functioning gutter system with our 25-year clog free warrantied Bulldog Gutter Protection.  

Siding replacement on two dormers in Atlanta, GA.

Mr. W called because he and his wife had bought a house last year and paint had started coming off the two upstairs dormers. One of our project consultants did an inspection and found that it wasn't just paint coming off, but that the trim had also rotted in multiple areas. After reviewing their options, Mr. and Mrs. W decided to replace the siding and trim with Hardie siding. Now the dormers are weatherproof and with the fresh paint and the house looks new again.

Siding replacement on two dormers in Atlanta, GA. - Photo 1Siding replacement on two dormers in Atlanta, GA. - Photo 2Siding replacement on two dormers in Atlanta, GA. - Photo 3Siding replacement on two dormers in Atlanta, GA. - Photo 4Siding replacement on two dormers in Atlanta, GA. - Photo 5Siding replacement on two dormers in Atlanta, GA. - Photo 6Siding replacement on two dormers in Atlanta, GA. - Photo 7
Roof and soffit repair in Atlanta, GA

Mr. H had some soffit on his house that was rotting out. He has been wanting to address it for quite a while and it finally got so bad that the soffit was starting to fall apart and caved in. When he met with his project consultant, Steve, from PGRS He explained his concern and asked if we could address such a small repair. Steve told him that he would perform a full inspection to not only address the rotted soffit but to figure out why the soffit was rotting in the first place. During his inspection Steve found a hole in the roof directly over the area that was rotting out. Water was flowing freely through this hole in directly onto the soffit causing it all to rot. Mr. H had no idea this was going on and was so glad Steve found the problem and pointed it out to him. PGRS Fixed the hole in the roof and replace the soffit there by resolving this issue for good!

Roof and soffit repair in Atlanta, GA - Photo 1Roof and soffit repair in Atlanta, GA - Photo 2Roof and soffit repair in Atlanta, GA - Photo 3Roof and soffit repair in Atlanta, GA - Photo 4Roof and soffit repair in Atlanta, GA - Photo 5Roof and soffit repair in Atlanta, GA - Photo 6Roof and soffit repair in Atlanta, GA - Photo 7
Cedar Shake replacement, new gutters and Bulldog gutter protection in Atlanta, GA

During quarantine Mr. G started to notice some areas of his home that needed some attention. He has Cedar Shakes that were starting to show some signs of rot on the front and back of his home along with some trim around a couple of his windows, some rotted fascia, and soffit. He called Steve with PGRS who did an extensive inspection to identify all of the concerns on their house. While Steve was there, he noticed that their gutters had been leaking in a few areas which was causing some of the rot issues that they were experiencing. He showed that how their older gutters were no longer performing correctly and if they didn't replace them, they would continue to have issues with water damage on their wood. He proposed replacing their Cedar Shakes in the areas that were rotting and replacing the damaged trim pieces with Hardie Trim that would withstand any future water damage. Mr. G also chose to replace all of the gutters with 6 Inch Seamless Aluminum gutters and Bulldog Gutter Protection to prevent the gutters from clogging and overflowing. Mr. G was so impressed with how thorough PGRS was with the inspection and how his project consultant went through everything that would be done. He didn't hesitate to hire PGRS to take care of his homes project needs!

Cedar Shake replacement, new gutters and Bulldog gutter protection in Atlanta, GA - Photo 1Cedar Shake replacement, new gutters and Bulldog gutter protection in Atlanta, GA - Photo 2Cedar Shake replacement, new gutters and Bulldog gutter protection in Atlanta, GA - Photo 3Cedar Shake replacement, new gutters and Bulldog gutter protection in Atlanta, GA - Photo 4
New Roof and Gutters in Atlanta, GA

Mr. L called PGRS because it was time to get a new roof. He had it repaired multiple times over the years but the leaks kept coming back. He knew that putting band-aides on the roof cost him in the long run because of all the interior damage. Greg met with Mr. L and inspected and took pictures and video of his attic, roof, soffit, fascia, and gutters. Greg provided options and a low monthly payment through our financing that fit his budget. The PGRS crew repaired all the damage wood, painted, installed larger gutters and put on a gorgeous IKO Dynasty roof system.
Mr. L says he should have made this decision sooner and he is glad he chose PGRS to do the job.

New Roof and Gutters in Atlanta, GA - Photo 1New Roof and Gutters in Atlanta, GA - Photo 2New Roof and Gutters in Atlanta, GA - Photo 3New Roof and Gutters in Atlanta, GA - Photo 4
Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA

Mr. F recently purchased this home and is fixing it up before he and his family move in. The roof was in really bad shape and was one of the first priorities to be addressed. In the subdivision where the house is, they are now building some new homes and Mr. F approached the builder to inquire about getting a new roof. He also called PGRS to come out. One thing that he was impressed with was how thorough his project consultant, Steve, was throughout the whole process whereas he felt the builder wasn't interested in providing a quality roof and was more interested in just providing a cheap option. Since they plan on this being the last home they buy, Mr. F wanted to work with a reputable company that would provide amazing workmanship along with one of the best roofing systems available. Ultimately, he decided to install the IKO Cambridge Architectural Roof System in Dual Black and he's so happy he chose PGRS!

Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 1Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 2Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 3Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 4Roof replacement in Atlanta, GA - Photo 5
Roof and Gutter replacement in Atlanta, GA

Mr. M sustained some storm damage to his roof. He called PGRS for help. He met with our Project Consultant Steve Shows who did a full inspection of his roof. Steve determined that the roof had enough storm damage to warrant filing an insurance claim for a full replacement. He also noticed that Mr. M's gutters were coming loose from the house and were full of debris. This was causing water damage to occur to the fascia and soffit in areas around the house.
The insurance company agreed that the roof needed to be replaced and covered Mr. M's replacement costs minus his deductible.
Mr. M chose a beautiful new Architectural Roof System and decided to also go ahead and replace his gutters with new 6 Inch Aluminum Gutters along with the LeaFree Gutter Protection System so that he never had to worry about cleaning his gutters again.
Mr. M told Steve that he never would have known how to go about getting his roof replaced via insurance had he not educated him on the process. He met with 2 other contractors and he said that none of them seemed to have the time to help walk him through everything so he felt extremely comfortable choosing Professional Grade Roofing & Siding.

Work Requests From Atlanta, GA
Vicinity of Cadera Court in Atlanta
I would like to get an estimate as soon as possible for replacing the wood on my house with hardie plank siding.
Vicinity of Whitehall Forest Ct. SE in Atlanta
Condo burned down. Roof will have to be totally replaced - rafters and all.
Vicinity of Clifton Street Ne in Atlanta
We have a few spots of siding we think may need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Anderson Ave NW in Atlanta
Need to replace old gutters, estimate to replace my 14 windows.
Vicinity of Sewanee Avenue NW in Atlanta
Need free estimate on roof, aluminum siding and gutters for home and detached garage.
Vicinity of Courtenay Drive in Atlanta
Our house on Courtenay Drive has stucco exterior on a portion of two walls (covering only about 15% of the total exterior). We have long wanted to replace the stucco with a better material. Can you come take a look and quote the replacement?
Vicinity of Umatilla Lane in Atlanta
Requesting estimate for installation of gutters
Vicinity of Lake Manor Way in Atlanta
I have a loose board on my siding that I need fixed.
Vicinity of Harris Dr in Atlanta
I have missing vinyl siding on the top of the house and I think it's causing a leak in my upstairs bathroom.
Vicinity of Clay St Se in Atlanta
I need an estimate to install a ridge vent on our shingle roof.
Vicinity of Bramblewood Drive Ne in Atlanta
Hole in soffit that need fixing
Vicinity of Brittany Way NE in Atlanta
Attic Insulation is old and not sufficient.
Vicinity of Birdie Lane SW in Atlanta
Siding around the exterior of chimney needs to be replaced with cement siding.
Vicinity of Hall St Nw in Atlanta
Replacing the roof the gutters and the board
Vicinity of Lenox Rd NE in Atlanta
Need some roof repairs, new fascia and gutters on two houses.
Vicinity of Broyles St in Atlanta
House in Grant Park wood siding needs repair. Several planks will need repair prior to painting.
Vicinity of Cherry Valley Dr Se in Atlanta
Windows for my house... affordable easy to clean
Vicinity of Edwards Drive in Atlanta
Need gutter guards
Vicinity of Oakawana Rd in Atlanta
Hi! I would like some cedar around my front window replaced and would like a quote for a project like this.
Vicinity of Ardmore Road NW in Atlanta
I need about 100 linear feet of gutter guard installed.
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