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Mr. Jake had some concerns with discolored wood on his roof from what he had seen in his attic. He called PGRS out to investigate and price to repair and or replace the roof. In December, Mr. Jake wasn't sure as to whether they were going to stay in that home or move to South Carolina. T.J. kept in touch with Mr. Jake during the next few months until he decided they were going to stay in the home. After Mr. Jake had another company come out and evaluate the roof, he contacted T.J. to tell him that he wanted to go with PGRS based on what he had seen and how T.J. had maintained courteous and professional contact since the initial meeting. He also said that T.J. had exceeded normal expectations for his customer service and felt good that the work would be just as thorough. Mr. Jake now has the Owens Corning Oakridge Architectural Roof in Williamsburg Gray, and even better is worry-free!

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