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Roofing Services Photo Album: Skylight Replacement & Roof Repair on Sunroom

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Ms. B has a sunroom on the rear of her home with a couple of skylights. She was experiencing a serious leak around 1 of the skylights. She had hired a local roofing company to repair the leak. They had come out and told her it was repaired. The leak happened again the next rain. She tried several times to get the company to come back out but they kept putting her off and unfortunately quit taking her calls. She reached out to PGRS and we our Project Consultant, Mark Southers to her home. He found the repair had consisted of spraying sealant around the skylights and placing a square of the wrong type of shingles that did not come close to matching what was there. We replaced 3 sheets of bad decking, replaced the skylights which were ruined due to the previous repair and re-roofed that section of her home. We were done within a week and she enjoyed a dry sunroom during the next rainstorm we had. 

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