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Roof and soffit repair in Atlanta, GA

Mr. H had some soffit on his house that was rotting out. He has been wanting to address it for quite a while and it finally got so bad that the soffit was starting to fall apart and caved in. When he met with his project consultant, Steve, from PGRS He explained his concern and asked if we could address such a small repair. Steve told him that he would perform a full inspection to not only address the rotted soffit but to figure out why the soffit was rotting in the first place. During his inspection Steve found a hole in the roof directly over the area that was rotting out. Water was flowing freely through this hole in directly onto the soffit causing it all to rot. Mr. H had no idea this was going on and was so glad Steve found the problem and pointed it out to him. PGRS Fixed the hole in the roof and replace the soffit there by resolving this issue for good!

New roof installed in Atlanta, GA

Ms. R was experiencing a few roof leaks. She saw PGRS installing a roof in her neighborhood and decided to give us a call. When her project consultant Steve met with her and inspected her roof, he realized that she had a recalled shingle installed on her roof and there was storm damage. Steve advised her to contact her insurance company to see if they would replace the roof instead of Ms. R having to pay out of pocket. The insurance company agreed to replace the roof and Ms. R now has a brand new IKO Dynasty roof that will last her a lifetime!

New roof and gutters in Atlanta, GA

PGRS replaced this roof, gutters, soffit and fascia on this home, making it look like new!

New roof installed in Hapeville, GA

Ms. G purchased her home about 4 years ago, and had begun to notice some issues with her soffit as she was beginning to paint. She called several companies to assess her issues, but had no understanding of the cause and solution to her problems until T.J. from PGRS met with her. He was able to complete an extremely thorough inspection to show her exactly what was happening and explained how PGRS would correct it. Once her home refinance was complete, she chose to completely replace the roof to ensure that damaged roof decking was repaired and eliminate the multiple layers of shingles. Her home now boasts the IKO Cambridge Lifetime Architectural Roof in Dual Black, a low maintenance vinyl soffit with wrapped fascia, and a maintenance free gutter system with the Leaf Free Gutter Protection guaranteed clog-free for life.

Roof and siding repairs in Atlanta, GA

Mr. A had bough his home about 20 years ago and noticed some siding chipping on one side of his home. He also had his roof replaced about 7 years ago and it included a skylight. The old skylight was taken out but they did not install a proper skylight back on his home, they installed a piece of flexi glass and added shingles around the glass with caulk. Mr. A called out PGRS because of their great reviews, Ariel arrived on time to his appointment and Mr. A explained to him his concerns. While doing a thorough inspection, Ariel realized that the glass they installed instead of the skylight already had multiple cracks. he also realized that there was no sheathing behind the top of the siding where the siding was chipped. Ariel provided Mr. A with a solution to replace the entire slope of the roof and install a new skylight that will last forever leak free and a solution to replace the siding that was damaged on the left side of Mr. A's house.

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