Needed Roof Replaced Before Home Could be Sold in Palmetto, GA


A homeowner in Palmetto GA was in the process of selling their home. They had a major roof leak and other roof related issues that had to be resolved before the sale of the home could be finalized.


This home had a problem with the framing on the front porch that was causing the rain water to back flow resulting in a severe leak. To add insult to injury, the homeowners needed to have the roof replaced and all of this work needed to be done within a couple of weeks to avoid delaying the sale of thier home. PGRS to the rescue!

We identified the improperly installed rafters over the front porch, removed them, and then installed them properly to avoid future back flow issues. Then topped everything off with a brand new roof. The Homeowner chose the Owens Corning Supreme shingles in Driftwood color. Since Professional Grade Roofing Solutions offers a transferable warranty, the new homeowners were able to move in without having to worry about any roofing problems for many years. We were able to complete the entire project on time and on budget.