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Window Replacement in Locust Grove, GA

Mrs. Kathy reached out to PGRS interested in replacing 3 front windows. Her windows were ruined by gunshots into her windows! After this dificiult situation all Mrs. Kathy wanted was to replace the current windows and for them to match the other windows in color and style. We found her a perfect match, Mrs. Kathy was sadden by the situation but relieved with the results.

Replacement Windows in Hampton, GA

Mr. & Mrs. S just bought this home and are renovating it before their baby comes. They are making major improvements to the home and want the windows to be substantially more energy efficient than the single pane windows that currently exist. T.J. inspected each window for any additional trim that would need to be replaced along with the unit itself and provided them some options based on their requests. T.J. showed the new homeowners each window that required some trim work before educating them about the windows and procedures for replacement. Once presented with their options, they chose to replace 10 double hung windows, convert a double unit to a picture window, and replace the back door unit. The install is complete and now Mr. & Mrs. S has beautiful, energy efficient windows and a rear entry door before their baby gets here.

Window Replacement in Fayetteville, Georgia

Patty is a Fayetteville resident who had a few windows that had busted seals. The busted seals caused the windows to fog up and you could barely see out of them. When there is a busted seal you then have cold air constantly flowing in during the winter and hot air in the summer, causing Patti and her family to lose their energy saving qualities resulting in higher energy bills! We sent our Project Manager Steve out to provide Patti with an estimate for new windows, after discussing the different options she had Patti decided to install new Mezzo Double Hung windows with Argon and Low E which has the ability to control solar heat gain! Patti is so excited to live worry free knowing she & her family will be warm and cozy during the winter and nice and cool during those hot Georgia Summer months! Do you think you may have a busted seal? Call Us Today and schedule your FREE estimate.

With Winter Upon Us, Are Your Windows Ready?!

Mr. S is a resident of Fayetteville, GA and he is a very busy man. He has quite a bit of work he knows that he needs to be done on his home, but he is also a smart man who wants to have a history with a company before he commits to an entire exterior update. With Winter right around the corner, Mr. S wanted to start with replacing his previous windows with energy efficient windows! He could not be more pleased with his new windows and we look forward to working with him in the future!

Window replacement in Peachtree City, Ga

Did you know that replacing your windows could save on your heating and cooling costs by up to 30%? Our customer had struggled for years to property maintain a comfortable temperature in his home. His utility bills were out of control. He called us and we had the perfect solution. It was time to replace his windows. He chose Radiance Windows. Radiance windows are packed with modern construction and features, and are designed to enhance your home's beauty and energy efficiency for a lifetime. They are custom designed and made to fit any home. Call us today for a free estimate and save on your heating and cooling costs while increasing the value of your home. 

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