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Photo Album: Roof Losing Shingles During Strong Wind Storms in McDonough

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This McDonough homeowner has a 3-year-old home that had multiple roof issues. For example, every time there were strong winds on an average day or during a storm the Williams family constantly lost shingles off of their roof. They contacted the builder of the home and they informed Mr. Williams that there were absolutely no problems with the roof, but still, the issue with the losing shingles during strong winds persisted. Mr. Williams was at a loss so he reached out to PGRS to get to the bottom of the issue. Upon inspection, we discovered that a large percentage of the shingles on his home was nailed too high. When the nail is placed in the correct position on the shingle (the nailing line) it also passes through the top of the preceding shingle, resulting in each shingle receiving 8 nails. After being made aware of this issue the Williams’ decided that the best course of action would be to have a new roof system installed by PGRS. 

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