Replacing Siding on Your Home, When is it Time?

Thursday, December 28th, 2017 by Ceslie Pope

Replacing Siding on Your Home, When is it Time? 

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Is there a section of the siding on your home that is rotted or broken? Damaged siding can really cause problems for homeowners including water, air, dirt and pests getting inside of the home. None of these conditions are favorable no matter what time of year it is and leads many to question whether they should repair the damaged siding or have it replaced? Although it may seem easier to just "patch" the rotten or broken area, this is not going to be the most beneficial solution. The experts in siding at Professional Grade Roofing Solutions would like to share the reasons why replacing damaged siding is a better option than repairing and how to know when it is time to replace it!

The siding on your home isn’t there just for curb appeal alone, though that is important as well; it is not its only purpose. It does the vital job of protecting everything inside your home. Replacing siding in a big undertaking financially, so how do you know if it’s time to replace yours? Depending upon the type of siding you currently have on your home, there are different signs to look for.

Increase Your Energy Savings

Damaged siding will allow air to flow through your home. In the summer this means that hot air will circulate and in the winter, cold air will flow inside. A home that is not properly sealed from the outside elements will result in a much higher cost in your energy bill. Both heating and cooling costs will greatly decrease when you decide to replace the siding of your home. At PGRS we replace multiple types of siding, call us today and we will give you all the information you need!

Replacing Vinyl Siding

If your home has vinyl siding there are a few obvious signs it is time to replace it. First, if it has cracks or holes in it, you need new siding. As vinyl siding ages over many years, it becomes brittle. The sun and temperature changes are responsible for the aging process. Once it becomes brittle and a bird flies into it or a baseball hits the side of your home, it just doesn’t have the ability to rebound like it did when it was brand new. Cracks allow water and bugs into your home. Holes allow bigger pests like squirrels easy access.

There are two other signs that are closely related. When you look at your home and notice bowing or warping, that means your siding isn’t flush against your home. This is another way water can get in and cause structural damage. If you don’t visually notice a sign that your siding isn’t secured to the exterior of your home, you could hear it banging against your home during strong storms.

Replacing Wood Siding

The other common type of siding that needs replacing is wood siding. For many homeowners, it’s quite clear when the wood rots, splits or cracks, that it’s time for new siding. What is a lesser known sign is the bowing and gapping occurs after time with wood siding as well. Just like vinyl siding when the wood no longer lays flat against your home, it’s not doing its job. For some homeowners, it’s time to replace their wood siding when they’re tired of scraping and painting it year after year.

Eliminate the Maintenance Work

If you repair your damaged siding this time, we can almost guarantee it will not be the last time. Rotting wood will affect even the sound wood and slowly but surely you will continue to need repairs. Aged siding generally requires a lot of work to sand down and refinish in order to help preserve the wood. But with vinyl siding, you can avoid that. In fact, the only maintenance you will need to worry about is simply spraying the side of your home with a hose or pressure washer.

Increase the Curb Appeal and Value of Your Home

Another advantage to replacing the siding on your home is that you can increase the curb appeal and value of your home. Vinyl siding is made to look like wood but maintains a clean, well-kept look that lasts for years to come. You will watch your neighbors continuously repair their siding while yours looks just as great as day one. There are also many styles and color options which mean you can change the look of your and maintain its original beauty with no worry of fading colors.

If you think it’s time for new siding for your home, talk to Professional Grade Roofing Solutions. We work with homeowners to select the siding that will give their home the look and protection they want within their budget. We offer several options for different styles and warranties. Call us today for any exterior home improvement including roofing, replacement windows, gutters, exterior painting, and of course, new siding – 1-770-486-3988.

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