What to Expect the Day of your Roof Installation

Friday, October 20th, 2017 by Edward Rollins

What to Expect the Day of your Roof Installation - Image 1The roof shingle types and colors have been selected and the permit has been pulled. Now that the big day has arrived we will highlight a few steps that got us here and go over today’s roof install. Let's begin by looking at our pre-roofing protocol and then we'll take a look at the procedures to expect during your roof installation.

The Day Before Your New Roof

  • If you have a lawn irrigation system, please turn off your water sprinklers before the shingles are removed by the install crew. It’s much safer if all of the roofer’s equipment stays dry.
  • The removal and loading of shingles may disrupt any items that are hanging on your walls. Professional Grade Roofing Solutions advises homeowner’s to consider removing pictures frames, mirrors, art canvases, etc. from the interior walls. With all of the bumping and thumping overhead, we don’t want any damage on the inside of the house due to the roofing process.
  • Make arrangements for any inside or outside pets to either stay inside on the day of the install or give them a special day at the spa. With all of the noise, pets can be a little shaken up during the roof replacement process, therefore I personally recommend that they spend a day at the spa. They will love you for it.
  • Please prepare your children for the disruption that will result from the roof replacement. They should be informed of safety protocol and procedures that the roofing company has implemented. Advise the little ones to avoid entering and exiting your home during the roof removal process, there will be nails in your yard until we complete our thorough cleanup process.

To be Fully Prepared the Following Information is Paramount

  • Please consider your infants or toddlers; if you have a mid-day sleeping schedule that must be kept you may need to make other arrangements for them that day due to the re-roofing process being very loud.
  • Any planned business activities that are normally conducted at home will be impacted by the noise.
  • Conference calls and regular phone dialogue will be impaired from all the noise that is taking place above your head.
  • It doesn’t sound like a war zone, but it is very distracting.
  • Remind all of your family to be extremely careful entering and exiting your home, if absolutely necessary.
  • It’s much easier to carry on conversations with any of the roofers on the ground as opposed to shouting to them while they are on the roof.
  •  Remember all vehicles should be in the garage or moved from the driveway for this day. 
  • If you have a wood shake or wood shingle that is being removed, I would recommend covering items with plastic sheeting in the attic and garage.
  • Is entering and or exiting the home is something that needs to happen, please be sure everyone is wearing closed toed shoes.
  • If you have a swimming pool the vacuum needs to be turned off and the pool should be covered. Most roofers would plan on covering the pool and or an outside Jacuzzi. This is extremely important to make sure they are covered; even if they are a considerable distance away from the roof, nails can still enter into the pool or hot tub.

Roofer Protocol

Every roofer the South Metro Atlanta area has to offer does not follow the same protocol. The following items are to be reasonably expected whether you’re in Peachtree City or Atlanta, customer service should be a priority. Professional Grade Roofing Solutions finds it important that our customer understands the following information.

  • The supervisor, project manager, owner, manager or lead installer should notify you that they have arrived.
  • Upon their arrival is the best time to ask any new questions that you might have and to voice any of your concerns.
  • Any assistance that needs to be provided from the roofing crew by moving furniture or plans should also occur at this time.
  • The overhead garage door may need to be protected. Roofing crews use various methods to ensure that the OHGD is not damaged while depositing roofing debris into a trailer or dumpster that is located in the driveway.
  • Plants MAY need to be covered with netting. Plastic sheeting may burn plants and should be used sparingly or on cloudy days. Drop clothes may also be used.
  • Keeping the lawn picked up is important, but the roofer will more than likely emphasize getting your roof dried-in as quickly as possible. This does not mean that the roofers should disregard the necessity of a safe working environment; it’s only that drying in the structure is paramount. Ultimately don’t be surprised if you see roofing debris in the yard. If it happens to be a windy day then you can expect for shingle packages to be blown around and scattered across the yard or even the neighbor’s yard. But do not worry; because PGRS will be sure to perform a detailed clean up of any mess that is left, that is something we take pride in.
  • Hammers and nail guns will be actively utilized on your roof install.
  • The roofer should advise your neighbors that they may need to get in their yard, if permission is granted, to pick up debris.
  • Gutters and downspouts are to be cleaned by the roofing contractor.
  • A magnetic sweeper is to be used to remove nails from the lawn. The best design of this tool is when it is mounted on wheels that have the ability to be rolled over the lawn. A 24” magnetized steel bar is rolled back and forth on your lawn to remove nails that have been displaced.


What to Expect After the Install

  • The roof and gutters are to be cleaned of roofing debris.
  • The yard is to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • We will try our very best to get every piece of debris and nail picked up after the job is completed, we understand you want the utmost safety for your family at all times. If we happen to miss anything and you find it please call us and we will be more than happy to come out and clean up anything that we missed.
  • We recommend that you do a walk around with your project manager or roofing contractor.
  • Pay your roofer.
  • The roof inspector from the building department will inspect the roof. Sometimes this may not occur for several months. Be patient with the building inspectors, especially if your area has been impacted by a large storm.


Contact Professional Grade Roofing Solutions for a divine roofing experience. If you’re looking for an honest company with quality craftsmanship and who can offer you a competitive price, contact us today! You deserve it!

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