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Damaged Trim in Winston, GA
This customer in Winston, GA had water leaking in through the garage due to the old, bent aluminum flashing and door trim.
Needed Roof Replaced Before Home Could Be Sold in Palmetto, GA
A homeowner in Palmetto GA was in the process of selling their home. They had a major roof leak and other roof related issues that had to be resolved before the sale of the...
Roof Leak Repair in Peachtree City, Georgia
Roof leak due to failure of step flashing at base of chimney. The leak resulted in decay of the roof decking and the siding at the base of the chimney.
Leaking Dormers in Peachtree City, GA
A homeowner in Peachtree City had an unknown roof leak which appeared to be coming from the dormer area.
New Gutter System in Peachtree City, GA
This Peachtree City home was in dire need of a new gutter system. The existing gutters were undersized and the downspouts were not properly located. In addition to the undersized...
Siding Replacement in Peachtree City GA
Like many homes in Peachtree City, this house had the original wood siding that was put on when the home was built. Over time the wood siding starts to deteriorate and rot....
Roof Repair in Peachtree City, GA
The original design of the roof has a dead valley that was not flashed properly during construction. Flashing is important because it prevents leaking in the valleys of the...
Roof repair in Peachtree City, Ga
The shingles on this roof are improperly installed. The nails are placed above the nailing line therefore they miss the preceding shingle resulting in the shingle only having...
Gutter installation in Peachtree City, Ga
When an addition is added onto your home it is very important to make sure the water runoff from the roof is diverted properly so you don't have problems with water erosion....
Roof Replacement in Peachtree City, GA
Mr. & Mrs. B have been experiencing roof leaks in their rear bathroom and rear skylight. There are several other areas that have been repaired before on their roof. After...
Defective Atlas Chalet Shingles in Brooks, GA
With multiple roof leaks, cracking and degranulating Atlas Chalet shingles - this homeowner needed help. The PGRS Project Manager met with the insurance adjuster and determined...
Pesky Chimney Leak Repair in Brooks, GA
The chimney of this home in Brooks, GA has leaked since the house was built and each time the chimney would leak, the homeowner would call a different roofing company to resolve...
Chimney Removal in Sharpsburg, GA
Homeowner had a non functional brick chimney that the mortar was very old and could not stop leak.
Roof Replacement & New Gutter Install in Sharpsburg, Georgia
This Sharpsburg, GA homeowner was in the middle of a complete remodel. The old 3 tab roof needed to be replaced because it was previously repaired by another roofer and there...
Roof Repair Solutions in Sharpsburg, GA
Stop paying hundreds of dollars to unqualified roofing contractors for ineffective roof repairs. Sealants and roof cement crack and chip away over time.
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